Best Study for NCLEX? Cant afford.....

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I will be taking my NCLEX at the end of Jan. what is the best study service I can get thats fairly cheap? I can't afford UWorld and I hear it is the best but its simply out of budget. What else is out there? or will ATI get me there?



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Hello @nasr69,

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Like I mentioned earlier, I paid $15 for ArcherReview. Passed with 75 quest. Also on Youtube find Mark K. If you have time rent Lachey's Priority book.


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Quizlet! It's FREE! Thousands of questions! You're welcome!

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I just ordered all the free NCLEX question books from the library, did all the questions, took me 3 months and I passed with the minimum amount of questions. You do a lot of questions you'll start thinking like the NCLEX. don't need to spend a lot of money. I am a good test taker (but I was still nervous taking the test so the fear is real and must be managed ) and everyone is different so you have to figure what works best for you but it can be done for zero dollars. 

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