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  1. Hello, I will be taking my NCLEX at the end of Jan. what is the best study service I can get thats fairly cheap? I can't afford UWorld and I hear it is the best but its simply out of budget. What else is out there? or will ATI get me there? TIA
  2. nasr69

    Dec 19 Grad with Q's

    Hello, I just graduadted this month (Dec 19,) But when do I get my fringerprints done? When to I need to register and pay fees? Does the school let us know when to do those things? TIA!
  3. nasr69

    Police Officer in Nursing School

    LEO here! I just graduated from a nursing program and working as a LEO. However I worked full time for the first year but after that I was fortunate to be able to work part time. I am a 20 yr patrol vet and work in a very high CFS area so studing while working wasnt very productive. I will say if you can stay on the same shift and are a good student who learns easily you should get most of the way though but I doubt you will be able to. For me it was super hard and if I was to do it over again I wouldn't but for most of us we have to work to survive to pay bills. I wish you luck and Be safe!
  4. nasr69

    Any Updated ATI ref NCLEX

    Hello, I did a search on this but the last posts I found were from 2007. Is there any peeps on here whoes school uses ATI Comp predictor as a exit exam? If so, how does the ATI comp relate to passing the NCLEX? I have a 99% probability of passing on first attempt but I am skeptical on that. Anyone have any info? TIA!
  5. nasr69

    ATI predictor test

    Hello, I just took the ATI comp. I would also like to hear from other in reference to how well ATI actually prepares you for NCLEX. I have a 99% probability of passing but I question that accuracy.
  6. nasr69

    LPN wages in central Florida?

    Hi I graduated from Rasmussen in Florida about 6 months ago and now in the RN bridge program. I have a good job making decent money but when I start clinical it won't be easy. So I was going to start looking for a LPN job and was looking on what a true average wages were. And who pays the best.....home health...Alf...dr. Offices....clinics.... hospitals (if they hire LPN). Thanks!!!
  7. nasr69

    NCLEX 2017 My experience

    Well Thank you! Ill know in about 40 hours! lol
  8. nasr69

    NCLEX 2017 My experience

    Hi I took my nclex pn today and my test shut off at 85 questions and like others I am stressing badly. I too, had about 25 SATA questions.
  9. nasr69

    My nclex shut off at 85!

    Hi thank you. I'll try it. I'm just worried I've heard so many things. I would have felt better if I had more questions
  10. nasr69

    My nclex shut off at 85!

    Hi im upset my test shut off at 85 questions!! How long before I can do the Pearson quick results ? Thank you
  11. nasr69

    LPN Or RN?! Orlando

    Hi I am doing the LPN at a for-profit school because I need to be working. My plan is to do the LPN get working then TRY and do the bridge to RN at a Community college because it will be cheaper however if the wait list is to long I will go to the for -profit.
  12. nasr69

    My first 100 days on the job: Week 6

    I luv reading your posts ! thank you!
  13. nasr69

    From Cop to Nurse

    Hi In my agency its 30 yrs to retire and we pay into/for our retirement and there are no health benefits that go with that even with full retirement. Due to my age I will not make it the 30 years so I need to have a plan in place and my first choice was to be a RN 20 yrs ago so thats why I am doing this.
  14. nasr69

    From Cop to Nurse

    Hi I am a deputy (14 years) and I am hoping to do the LPN then bridge to RN. My reasons for taking the long way around...I can NOT quit working I am single parent and I have a mortgage and bills and part time won't pay it all and my agency doest offer it. The LPN is only a year so if I pass the Nclexpn I can quit L.E and work as a LPN without losing to much money and bridge to RN. I have had to enroll into a very pricy but approved/Accredited for profit school because I work a 12 hour rotating shift and they are the only one in my area that would work with my schadule. I would love to hear from others who have done the same!
  15. nasr69

    My first 100 days on the job: Week 3

    Hi I love reading your posts !!! keep up the good work!
  16. nasr69


    Hi I searched for info and didn't find much. Well after a long time looks like I found a way to go to school...YAY. I will be going to RASMUSSEN (Florida) for the LPN. Has anyone gone to this school for the LPN or RN recently? If so, I would love to hear they good and the bad. I can NOT stop working full time and it docent help I work a 12 hour rotating shift (non medical type job) RAS is the only school that I can do with my schedule. How are the online classes? easy to understand? TIA