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Where are some of the best places to work in the Ste. Genevieve/Jefferson County area?

Anyone had good or bad experiences?


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I've been a employee of Ssm for ten years and love it. Im sad to say that I'm leaving there and transferring to another Ssm facility. Leaving my work family to join another Ssm family. My husband lost his job due to the economy and landed at St joes in St Charles. He now talks about it being his family and he's only been there 6 months. Those nurses swooped him up and made him feel welcome. And he's just the housekeeper. No matter how small your job everyone is respected. I also did agency at Barnes West County and loved them out there too. Barnes size is intimidating so I can't even attempt to apply there :). Also, don't get hung up on those nominations of " best place to work" I've heard they pay for those nominations.

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As a new grad, I worked at SSM St. Clare (Fenton) for my first 9 months as a nurse. I was really pleased with the new grad classes and preceptorship during orientation. The only reason I left SSM is because I moved to a different state.


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hi kagarciarn

how was pay at st clare fenton for a new grad?


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I have to chime in about MoBap. I love it! I've worked there as a Tech since May '10 and now just recently graduated from UMSL last month. Now I'm looking to get a job as an RN in the ED. It's a growing hospital with a strong emphasis on the nursing care. I've heard a doctor or two say that it's beginning to be run by the nurses (for good or for bad, take it however you please), but the care we provide is pretty darn great from what I've heard my patients say!

My other experiences with other hospitals have only been at Depaul for my two Med/Surg semesters and my Psych Clinical at STLPRC on Arsenal. I was really impressed with the staff on the 7th floor in Depaul - the Neuro floor. However, I didn't want to work at SSM primarily due to them possibly placing me wherever they wanted me while keeping in mind where I wanted to work. I prefer to know what I'm getting myself into before I sign onto working at one hospital, not an entire entity. Plus, I haven't heard many positive things about their Futures program. But as the saying goes - the grass is always greener...

I've never worked at Barnes (checking out the thread because I'm considering moving to STL) but I do work for another top 10 hospital in america. the attitude that everyone is talking about is not unique to Barnes at all. It's the combination of one of the best medical schools in the country, some of the leading surgeons in the country, trauma level 1, and new discoveries. you'll find the same at other top hospitals all across america.


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I wish you all the best in wherever you land!



I am one of Donn's classmates. I actually did take the jump to BJC instead of SSM right out of school, & now I'm 2 weeks away from a new job at an SSM hospital.

BJC can be awesome, but there IS this "softer" feel to SSM that probably works better for new grads. Sometimes (& I'm talking about BJH) being huge is a bad thing, as well as all this national/international recognitions. Sometimes the little people get lost in the fracas. I would suggest SSM for a new grad, & maybe go for the "Magnet gold" further in your career if that floats your boat. Of course, I haven't worked at SSM, but I did my senior clinicals in the DePaul ED & people just seemed happier there.

Just my opinion.



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I'll chime in about Barnes - like any hospital, the *unit* you choose plays a huge role in how you'l like your new job. There are some floors of my own hospital that I wouldn't care to work on, while I absolutely love my floor. The "mesh" of the staff plays a big part.

Considering the "whole package" (not just salary but benefits, advancement opportunities, etc), I am very impressed with BJC. I've basically gone back to school for advanced degrees twice since graduating nursing school, and haven't paid a *DIME*. My manager is incredibly flexible with school schedules, families, etc. I'm currently going back to get my Nurse Practitioner degree, and already have two surgical teams "laying claim" to me when I graduate - no advancement is too much.

A hospital as big as "Big Barnes" on Kingshighway isn't for everyone - but I would highly recommend BJC as an employer. If, however, you want to be on the cutting edge of treatments, I would suggest looking toward Barnes or something like SLU, St. John's, etc.


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Its interesting to read everyone's experiences. What is bad for one is great for another. Like myself, I've worked at St.Anthony's for three years and really enjoy it. I also work in the department with the "bad reputation". I feel we have many great nurses that do a good job. It's amazing how staff and patients come to our facility complaining about other facilities and vice versa.


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I know you don't know me, but I have an interview at Cardinal Glennon on Friday for the Futures program. I am graduating from Lutheran School of Nursing in less than 3 weeks and I am ranked first in my class. NICU is my passion and my goal. I was fortunate enough while in my peds rotation to spend a day in the NICU at Cardinal Glennon and LOVED IT. Do you have any tips/advice on how to secure a position for NICU? Do you happen to know about how many people that have a face to face interview actually are accepted?

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One of my friends that graduated in June 2010 from LSN landed NICU at St. johns. 6 months of training and she really likes it.


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I am a tenured staff of BJC from unit secretary to a MSN RN for 11 years, I recently changed to St. Anthony's Medical Center and I never looked back. SAMC, HAD a bad wrap, but it has really made some great changes. They fixed some of their processes, streamlined and really are getting their act together. As for being called on for staffing to the state, I don't know that one but I can tell you this happened several times at the 'Big House BJC" and no one ever thought twice about it. SAMC is one the few independent organizations in the area and you need to decided of you want a system or independent. Charley75 you are so right everyone complains about everyone; the saga!

And did you know the rankings for #1-10 in the world news magazine for hospitals is not based on quality of care provided but on the amount of $$$ you are funded for research, now that makes sense why BJC is so far up on the list. Be knowledgeable when you are making this decision, do you homework, shadow and ask questions don't believe everything you hear. Seeing is believing.

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