Best Shoes?


What is the best nursing shoe out there for new nurses? I have a weak left ankles that rolls REALLY easy


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Sanita and dansko are popular, personally I happiest in my Brooks running shoes.

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I like Danskos but there is a breaking in period with them. After that they are super comfortable and water proof. So when the drunk pees on the floor and I step in it, it's not so bad as if I wore running shoes. Plus they are thick so on the off chance a needle falls I am not as worried. When I worked as a paramedic, I just wore running shoes.

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I have a pair of merrell shoes that I love and support my ankles really well


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Started with running shoes but my feet felt like they were on fire at the end of the day. Tried Crocks..OK but VERY slippery on wet floors. Got some Danskos and wore them for 4+ years. Got a new pair, exact same size, and just couldn't break them in. Shoe shopping again and saw a pair of Oboz on the shelf (hiking shoe). A little stiff a first but excellent support. Most comfortable shoe I've worn.(3+ years now) BTW, Merrells are probably in the same class in terms of quality and support.

Bottom line: you might have to do some experimenting before you land on the right shoe for you and unfortunately, what feels good in the store might not feel the same after standing in them for 12 hours. $100+ is a lot of money so check the return policy. Take brand x pair for a test drive. As long as you just wear them on the unit for a day on a smooth surface, they'll still look like new when you return/exchange them if needed. Good luck!


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I like the Nike View III. Super old unremarkable design but they last and are comfortable. I cant so nursing clogs because i roll my ankles too easily. These also come in wides which i end up being more comfortable in after a 12 hour shift.


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I'm just starting school, but I ordered Crocs Chelsea work shoes from They are very comfortable and lightweight. They are made of leather and are non-slip. The great thing is that they were only $28.

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It's weird, but I bought a pair of 10 dollar white tennis shoes from Payless, have lasted me full time on the floor and all the way through nursing school. Sometimes simpler is better!


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I love my Danskos but I would not recommend them if you have weak ankles, you will most likely roll them as that is easy to do in Danksos especially when you're running around.