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  1. Give me dickies genflex or give me death!
  2. HolyPeas

    Best Shoes?

    I like the Nike View III. Super old unremarkable design but they last and are comfortable. I cant so nursing clogs because i roll my ankles too easily. These also come in wides which i end up being more comfortable in after a 12 hour shift.
  3. HolyPeas

    Perfume at work?

    No perfume. I even steer clear of heavily scented lotions, washes, and shampoos before shifts. You have to take into consideration that you may be caring for someone in repertory distress or someone who is otherwise affected by fragrance.
  4. HolyPeas

    Uniform discount.com

    Care to elaborate?
  5. HolyPeas

    New Gad questions

    Shame on your DON. No, an MDS nurse needs experience. Sounds desperate and short sided. State will chew you up, spit you out, and you will be the fall guy.
  6. HolyPeas

    Is 12.50/hr an average LPN wage for this area?

    thats pretty low. I would expect it to be at least 14.40 an hour for an LPN
  7. HolyPeas

    When will being an RN stop sucking?

    it sounds like its time for a change of pace. Go somewhere else, transfer units, maybe another field of nursing... have you considered hospice? infomatics?
  8. HolyPeas

    Pay Off My Student Loans In Full or Make Monthly Payments?

    just think about what happens of your car breaks down the day after you clean yourself out though
  9. HolyPeas

    Pay Off My Student Loans In Full or Make Monthly Payments?

    I would pay off a large chuck of them but do not wipe out all your savings.
  10. After only a little over a month working in a state psych facility I felt I needed to quit. Care was terrible, they left elderly patients on the floor, huge gaping wounds were left open because the doctors wouldnt come see them, broken hands left untreated. This is my first psych job, as well as my first nursing job but I am shocked and horrified. Who do I call to report this?
  11. HolyPeas

    Are there any psych LPN's?

    Can i get some haldol im nooowwwwwwww
  12. HolyPeas

    Are there any psych LPN's?

    brillo you are cracking me up. thanks for the smile
  13. HolyPeas

    Fired from first RN job...does it get better?

    two minutes after the one hour mark!? jesus... people in my state hospital do that ALL the time.
  14. HolyPeas

    Are there any psych LPN's?

    whoa, no I have never heard that lol... very telling.
  15. HolyPeas

    Are there any psych LPN's?

    men are men? what does that even mean?
  16. HolyPeas

    Getting Hurt in the Units

    Thanks! Most things I am not so worried about, I feel like I am basically capable of handling myself, I'm no small lady, but I didn't think to ask about the camera situation.

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