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  1. Bbett

    PVT IS DEAD! Don't try the "new" trick

    Also for people commenting on this saying it didn't work, you wait 24 hours.
  2. Bbett

    PVT IS DEAD! Don't try the "new" trick

    While I agree that it is unreasonable to waste 200 dollars to try the PVT. Most people are intelligent enough to put in a fake credit card number. The PVT is not 100% accurate though I agree. I have been next to people that have done it and it says they passed, but they really failed. I have also seen someone do it where they thought they failed, but they passed. With some people thought it matches up. Who cares if some people want to try this trick. It is simply a way to pass the excruciatingly painful time to wait two days to get unofficial results.
  3. Bbett

    3.4 gpa-doomed?

    Lol I enjoy this thread. I would also like to mention the grades at my CC. In my nursing program the grades were as followed A >98 A- 95-97 B+ 90-94 B 88-90 B- 86-88 And an 86 or above was required in each class to move on in the program. Man was CC easy 😉
  4. Bbett

    Help From Experienced CNAs !

    Always always always ask for help. Nobody is going to think less of you. At my hospitals we never turn a patient by ourselves. We don't want an injury and the hospital doesn't want to have to pay for our injury. A complete care patient that can't turn themselves is then a Q2turn and put on our "turn team" this turn team has TWO people that go around and turn everyone on the unit and clean them up. It's wonderful.
  5. Bbett

    "Don't Work" Isn't An Answer

    At my clinical rotations as students we were in charge of complete all around care. Meaning of course the CNA's weren't going to be going in those rooms as much. As students we had 3-4 patients so it only makes sense that we can do CNA care as well as passing meds and assessments. My instructor would have kicked our butts if she saw us having a CNA do our work.
  6. Bbett

    3.4 gpa-doomed?

    LOL oh my gosh that statement. I go to a community college and I have never seen cheating. I also would like to mention that my community college has the highest nclex scores in the state. I guess perhaps we cheat on that as well. 😂😂😂
  7. Bbett

    Does. Anyone like their CNA job??

    I loved my job as a CNA because it allowed me to have a very well paying position while going through nursing school. I often said if I didn't know there was a light at the end of the tunnel, I would quit lol.
  8. Bbett

    when to start studying for NCLEX

    I started studying for nclex as soon as I started the program. My program required an nclex review book in the beginning and I used it to study for exams. Now that I'm about to graduate I've completed the book and have bought another one for after graduation. It makes me feel like I'm already well prepared!
  9. Bbett

    "Don't Work" Isn't An Answer

    My program has always been two 9 hour clinical days and two days of 6-8 hours of lecture depending on which rotation we were in. Comes to around 30-35 hours. Almost always Monday-thursday which makes it nice because then you have Friday- Sunday to work.
  10. Bbett

    "Don't Work" Isn't An Answer

    SAME I was always the first to get things done and the most prepared for clinicals and exams. People would ask how I found time. You just get it done earlier and faster than anyone else because you KNOW "ok I only have THIS two hours so I better finish EVERYTHING.
  11. Bbett

    12 patient assignment

    12-16 patients is the norm on my telemetry floor for a pct. It will get easier with time! Good luck!
  12. Bbett

    "Don't Work" Isn't An Answer

    Worked 30 hours first as a waitress and then 36 hours as a nurse tech the last year. Not only did I have time to study, I also had time to go to the gym 5 days/ week, celebrate with friends after exams, hang out with my boyfriend and friends, and keep a fairly clean apartment. People just like to scare people away. Just make sure you have at least one full day per week to study and complete assignments and you will be fine.
  13. Bbett

    MCC nursing applicants for 2015

    You can see all the books required for each class on web advisor the same way that you can for every other class!
  14. Bbett

    Nurses with ear piercings

    From my experience in nursing school tattoos and piercings rules are a lot less strict. As far as tattoos we were allowed to have them showing as long as they weren't offensive. Piercings we were allowed 3 on each ear. I would still go ahead and get the piercings because you can take them out for your 12 hr shift. You just have to get through nursing school. Once you have a job I've noticed that nurses can pretty much do what they want as far as tattoos and piercings.
  15. Bbett

    Thinking about becoming a CNA but...

    I'm not from GA so my information might not be of help. Don't believe everyone when they say you can't work through nursing school. Myself and a lot of others in my program worked full time. I worked as a CNA through my RN program, 3 12 hour shifts. I live in Michigan and NAs do draw blood on most units. Don't bother getting trained though because they will train you on the job. LPNs are still here in Michigan, but mostly LTC and I know of one hospital system that still hires them on the unit. As far as reputable places I obviously can't help with that as I'm not from your area. I just wanted to let you know don't shy away from your RN or LPN because you are afraid of being able to work full time. Good luck!
  16. Bbett

    is this expensive for a BSN?

    I never even realized nursing school could be so expensive! My RN-ADN program cost around 4,000 total and my RN-BSN will cost me 15,000 both from accredited schools. Makes me feel very, very lucky. I would be paying off 180,000 for the rest of my life!