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best nursing/medical dictionary?


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Hello fellow nursing students!! I start my 2nd semester of nursing school next week! eek and yay I made it through the first!! One of my classes has already posted their syllabus and all the information that took an hour to read through.... Anyways...... He says we need a good nursing or medical dictionary. I have no idea where to even start with this! I sent him an email asking if he recommended one over another and he said just get one they all pretty much copy themselves....... Do any of my fellow students have any recommendations of what to get? I would like for it to be easy to understand, and user friendly. I am open to any opinions :) It would also be nice if it had an app for my android phone, if not though that is ok too ! Thanks in advance!!


Specializes in PACU, Oncology/hospice. Has 2 years experience.

Oh yeah this is for my Nursing research and theory course ( intensive writing and technology , I also have this semester, my 1st clinical course fundamentals , along with pharmacology.

I love Tabers medical dictionary

I have Mosby's Medical Dictionary and I like it pretty well so far.


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Mosby's medical dictionary is great!! It gives pretty in depth info, but I found it easy to use and very helpful!

I have the Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary and I love it. I haven't heard much about the Mosby one, but I have seen really good reviews for Tabers as well.

The green tabers book is my BIBLE!!! It even says the signs answer symptoms of the dz, etiology, nursing strategies... The works. Simply amazing.

*Signs and symptoms, not signs answer symptoms ;)

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I love my Mosby's.