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I have been accepted into the accelerated BSN at Bellarmine to start in May 2011. Anyone in the accelerated program there have any info they can pass on? I know it is a tough course and a a year of nothing but nursing, but what are the typical days like? I am finished with my pre reqs so I have from now until May to get a jump start on things. Can anyone in the program recommend things to study in advance?

When you were doing your research for this school did you happen to find out where clinical session took place at? Norton, VA Hospital? Any ideas?

From what I understand it can vary depending on availability and scheduling. I think any in the area could be used and are probably rotated among a few of them, but I am not too sure.

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Good for you! Bellarmine's accelerated RN is very demanding both physically and emotionally. The 7 week semesters are a killer and you have very little down time so take advantage of it. Bellarmine goes to the VA, Norton, Baptist East, Jewish, just about everywhere. Fundamentals is where you'll first go to and after the 1st second weeks you go to the hospital 2 days a week for 8 hrs a day. Classes are pretty much everyday maybe a day off if all your prereq's are done. A test every week and you need a 77 on everything to pass I think. Study anatomy and physiology as much as possible. If you have the opportunity to work an a nurses aide or volunteer do it! Aside from all that it's a rewarding place to teach or be a student. I know because I work there as a clinical instructor!

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Thanks for the feedback and encouragement. What hospital do you instruct clinicals at?

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VA, Norton, Baptist East, Jewish

Thanks for the info. I will definitely brush up on my A&P stuff. I am ready to start class now though :)

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Good Luck!


I have been accepted into the May cohort accelerated program and am looking to speak with other people starting in May as well. Anyone have a place to stay yet? Just trying to get to know people a little bit before we start! Looking forward to meeting everyone

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Good luck...I'll be the bald-headed instructor!:yeah:

I'll be there! Did you go to Orientation on Saturday? I think that gave us a good idea of what we can be studying before class starts on May 9. I'm getting excited! I ordered all my books yesterday - fortunately found all but 1 of them used on Amazon. I'm going to review medical terminology, blood borne/airborne path info, and start reading my drug calculations book.

Yep, I was there. I agree, it definitely gave us a good idea of what to study and know. I ordered all my books as well. I just wish they were here now so I could start studying. I already feel behind the power curve and classes haven't even started :)

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