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I have been accepted into the accelerated BSN at Bellarmine to start in May 2011. Anyone in the accelerated program there have any info they can pass on? I know it is a tough course and a a year of nothing but nursing, but what are the typical days like? I am finished with my pre reqs so I have from now until May to get a jump start on things. Can anyone in the program recommend things to study in advance?

Has everyone figured out how to pay for the school? Do you know if anyone will be dropping out before the classes start?

Hello all! I have been accepted to BU's Accelerated Program for the May 2012 cohort. I was wondering if any current/past students could give me an honest answer to this question. I also applied to Saint Louis U, and Bellarmine was my first choice until I read something in another thread on this site that really concerned me. Is it true that Bellarmine has a drop out rate of over 50% for the 1 year program Or is that just a rumor? Do most people drop out during the first semester and if so, why? Just wanted to clarify this before I make any final decisions! Thanks so much!

Here's the thing - Bellarmine accepts anyone who has met the prereqs - they've never had to turn anyone away. It's not a difficult program to get into. This means that people who may not be prepared for the intensity of the program are accepted. A lot of these people either realize that the 1-year format is not for them or are weeded out. It's a difficult program that requires a huge time commitment and a strong work ethic, and not everyone is prepared for that.

We started the year with around 100. We are almost done with the 4th session (out of 6) and are down to 72. There are probably a few more people who will not make it through this session, but not many. After that, I would be surprised if we lost anyone else - maybe 1 or 2, but from my understanding, the "weeding out" classes will be over after this.

People's reasons for not moving forward are varied. I know several people who decided the 1-year program wasn't for them and moved into the 2-year or traditional program. Only a few people actually failed out the first session. A few more didn't make it past the 2nd session. The largest number of people failed out during the 3rd session - I want to say it was around 10-15. Med Surg II was the class that they failed. We were told that our cohort had the largest number of people ever who made it to the 4th session, FWIW.

I wouldn't be surprised if we ended up with about 65 people graduating, which means around 35 would've dropped (so, 35% drop/fail rate). Again, I really don't know the exact number of people we started with (although I do know we have exactly 72 as of today - we'll probably have fewer after the 4th session is over). I would suggest speaking with Julie in the admissions office and asking her this question. She can give you exact numbers so you can make an informed decision.

It's a tough program...if you decide to do it, just be prepared to not have much of a life for a year! ;) I think it's worth it, though. Bellarmine seems to be very highly respected in our community (not sure if you are from Louisville - if not, then this might not matter to you) and plus there's the obvious bonus of being done in only 1 year! Good luck. If you want any more info feel free to send me a PM.

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I've been accepted into the May 2012 cohort as well. I'm really looking forward to the challenges I'll be presented with, and all that nursing will have to offer. :)

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