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Sure I complain about the work load-the lack of respect, the pure ignorance

of some people. . .but when push comes to shove; I can honestly say that I

cannot imagine a more fulfilling career than one in ER nursing. How many

times have we touched a lifeless soul only to have them appear a few weeks

later ready to get back to their lives? ER Nurses are a rare breed we are

able to think and do at the same time, we are afforded a reasonable amount

of autonomy in our practice and face an ever changing work environment. I

do not think I could work on a floor and commend those who do, the same

patient day after day after day, admission after admission after admission.

I know this is happening more and more with ER holds but is that not one of

the reasons we are complaining about ER holds. Alright so here's the truth

(for me anyway) I love my job, I love what I do and the wage while not

commensurate with the level of responsibility I take on pays my bills and

keeps me in the manner of which I am accustomed. :)


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well said tracey


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I can't wait to get my degree and be right there with you! That is where I want to be ER!!!!!!!!

It's nice to see someone that has something nice to say about their career choice!

Congrats on a successful career!



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You are absolute right. I truly love this job and can't imagine doing anything else!!!!!


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Amen and amen. I was thinking about leaving nursing until I was offered an ER job and when I went to my present job, I realized that I was meant to be in this place, and can't imagine doing anything else.


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Been there and done that for over 15 years now

Cant do anything else

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I tell people you know your life is odd, when you consider working the night shift in an ER trauma center the oasis of peace in your life.:rolleyes:


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Can't imagine doing anything else. Especially after 20+ years.

:o However 12 hour shifts are starting to get alittle hard on this old body.:imbar Recently went to part-time, because I just "Can't imagine doing anything else"


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well, don't yell at me or anything, but I felt like I was losing my skills with PA caths, IABP's, post cath sheaths, surgicals & stuff, so I went back to CCU. I did learn a heap from years in the ER (sticking babies, I can do without, & the parents yelling @ me too!:( ). It was empowering to do AMI's from the "get-go" & doing trauma's but I got burned out with having to charges (yep, we did the coders work too) & clean up, rarely did the house keeper come thru, & pulling 300 # OD's off the loading dock with screaming family members (who don't help) & there was only 2 of us-both with old back injuries. I don't miss being triage, & working in back too because my staff has only been out of school 5 months & still couldn't get an IV on the first stick (:eek: )....I 'll stick to my little nest a while longer until I feel the urge again. Change is a good thing...after a while!:chuckle


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Nursing is rough and in the ER it can be RAW. But a ER nurse is the one that enjoys the pace the interaction and the environment day after day. I don't hesitiate coming back to work. The patients and cases are new each time a bed is turned over. The only problem comes with those and what you have to work with. Even a vetern ER nurse can adapt to that

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