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Becoming LVN after 1 year of RN Training

commonsense commonsense (Member)

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Whats up everyone,

I will finish up my first year of my associated degree program in december down in texas and I have heard people talking about challenging the board and working as an LVN after your first year of schooling. Anyone have any information on this subject?

Reno1978, BSN, RN

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Certain nursing programs are structured in a way that the first year includes all educational training/requirements to make their students eligible to sit for the NCLEX-PN to become a LPN/LVN. Other nursing programs do not. Your state's board of nursing will have a list of approved educational programs.

My school has our program set up so that we have everything we need to get our LVN if we want to after the first year. The other schools in our state don't have their programs set up that way. You would just have to make sure the school offers that.

First find out if your state allows this, call and find out. Then ask at your particular school. Just because this is permissible in some states does not mean that an individual school will cooperate. Some schools will not sign the application paperwork for their students even though their program is compatible with the practice.

realnursealso/LPN, LPN

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No longer allowed in New York State.

Nurse Kyles, BSN, RN

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That is how Wisconsin is. The technical colleges have gotten rid of "LPN" programs, instead you are in the same ADN program. Anyone can take the NCLEX-PN after the first year.