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My PN school also has a medical assistant program. The school has the Johnson & Johnson become a nurse posters. Well on some of the posters they covered up the nurse part and put medical assistant. So the top of the poster says Become A Medical Assistant while the picture is of a nurse and the bottom of the poster still says

For some reason that just really rubs me the wrong way. :angryfire

I don't have a problem with MAs ... they have their place in the healthcare system, but they are not nurses and I think that the poster gives the wrong impression.

What does everyone else think?

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my thought would be is your school too cheap to make its own posters??

secondly, yes, it really chaps my hide:angryfire to see other professions claim to be nurses. :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire

a medical assistant is not a nurse. no no no. not a nurse. did not take the same college classes. did not get the same college degree in NURSING. did not take the NCLEX. heck, do they take any licensing exam. i am doing that and i will be doing the rest of it (haven't graduated yet) so i will be a nurse. to be anurse you need your knowledge constantly, something that MA"s just dont have the same level of, you know?

NOT nurses. :angryfire

if they want people to think they are nurses that badly, go to nursing school.

back to your regular happy faces now:)

love, rose

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heck, do they take any licensing exam.

They take a state certification exam and have to recertify every 5 years.


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The whole idea of becoming a Medical Assistant is just a big rip off to me. Some places are even offering associates degrees in medical assisting and you only make like $10 bucks an hour afterwards. Eck!


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I agree about making the MA's seem more inportant than they are. I got caught in the trap when I moved to Houston (WOW- what GREAT commercials!), and to my dismay, I found out I could not even work in a nursing home or hospitaland I made $11 an hr. as a "head nurse/assistant office manager"

Doctor's offices seem to be the only ones that use MA's (I was even a REGISTERED MA- none of my other class mates took the test). The called me the "office nurse" but now that I am in RN school, I find they use the word "nurse" a little too loosly for that purpose.

Just my 2 cents...



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I just found out yesterday that one of our clinical sites, a group of 12 different buildings that are "clinics" although they have specialists on board, are not hiring nurses anymore that they are hiring CMT's. My instructor said that as nurses quit they are extending or stretching the nurses out more. I asked her if Dr's offices are doing this also and she said that some are. This upset me. That Johnson & Johnson poster, commercial is specific for nurses and they really should have not used that poster.


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I am sure Johnson and Johnson whould LOVE to hear how they are defacing their posters!

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Some school have the glass wall cabinets. Is it possible to put the poster in it?

(And to remind the MA class about the rules of VANDALISM and DEFACING??)


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Actually, this is a case where they can take a state certification exam, but depending on where they are, not necessarily so. All nurses though must take their board no matter what state.

They take a state certification exam and have to recertify every 5 years.


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These situations really bother me too. I don't have anything against M.A.'s (except maybe that they are being hired for all of the physician's office jobs instead of nurses because it is cheaper to hire them). However, any time a position is being misrepresented to the public I think it needs to stop. I can't tell you how many places call their M.A.'s their "nurse". There is also a clinic around here who only had a PA for a long time and all of the pt.'s called him Dr. Not only is this practice unethical, but it is also illegal and I for one think that something needs to be done about it. I think all medical personnel should have to wear a name tag that lists their name and position and should never be addressed as anything other than what they are. (i.e. This is ___________, my medical assistant" not "This is my nurse." :angryfire



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Here in Indiana they have tons of MA programs and very few Lpn or ASN programs. Why not use the MA classrooms and clinical space for nursing classes instead? Well the MA program is 60 or more credits and the LPN is 51 so right there they make more money. But MA's can't find jobs and the few jobs that exist or low pay ones - not 10 dollars an hour. Just makes no sense to me. I assume they can pay MA instructors less too than hiring Nurse Instructors. Maybe it is all about profits.

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O Lawd here we go again!!!!!!

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