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Does Anyone Think It Is Wrong To Want To Be An Rn Just So That They Could Be A Crna? Although The Clinical Experience In Icu Is Priceless

Nope, I became a nurse with the express purpose of becomming a CRNA.

Its worked out well so far.



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first of all when i say extra stuff i mean having to deal with the application process that a nurse must undergo before being allowed into a program. second of all i am very sorry u view me as just having a lowly bio degree. if iam successful at being accepted into columbia's program that will not be your decision to make or whether i am given the opportunity to enter Crna school. The fact of the matter is that i may not have your prestigious critical care experience but iam someone who has taken a wide range of science classes. including biochemistry, pathophysiology, cell molecular biology, two semesters of orgo, physics, calculus etc. Columbia's program is designed to incorporate 1 year of critical experience in the program. Some people just need to learn how to chill out geez, u would think i was personally attacking someone.
Nothing wrong with having another degree- I have a psych degree before my BSN. A couple of things though: 1) people on this board have all worked hard to get to CRNA and may get touchy if they think people are looking to take the easy route to CRNA- not saying you are doing this, just may be what someone else thought with the "stuff" comment. 2) A BS to BSN route will make you a RN- you'll have to have a year of critical care experience before anesthesia, period. Now Columbia may allow you to be working toward your MSN by taking core classes while you're getting this year of ICU experience, I don't know that, but I do know that you can't get into an anesthesia program unless you have that presigious year of critical care we're all trying so hard to stuff our heads with because you need it to be successful. Bio doesn't teach you about vasoactive drips, vents, invasive lines, just like my psych didn't teach me.:) 3) Be very careful to ask the program when you go about how the MSN portion is handled. Probably you'll find that although you may get into the program for BS to BSN to MSN, you're not guranteed a specific MSN concentration- say FNP vs CNS vs Anesthesia. You'll probably have to apply to the specific concentration you want, which again means if you want anesthesia, you gotta have the year of critical care.

Just in response to others on the board I am also a new nurse wanting to do anesthesia. Nope I don't think there's anything wrong with it, but I also don't mind doing the hard work to get there. I seek out learning opportunities. I ask questions. I don't see my year in the ICU as one year of hell to put up with before the glory of anesthesia school. I enjoy my work, I take pride it in, and I go home everyday with the knowledge that I learned or saw something new on my shift. I also know my fellow ICU collegues with 20+ years of experience will probably still run circles around me in the ICU when I finish anesthesia school, CRNA or no. I respect them, I admire them, and never would I refer to any of them as "just a nurse" and neither would their patients. Nursing is a wide open field, but all nurses need to be valued and appreciated from the LPN in the nursing home to the DON at the hospital. We all have different reasons for pursuing our chosen path in nursing. None of us though for any minute has any right to thumb our noses at where we've come from. We should be proud of the cRNa, not try to rush over it to get to the OR. Just my oppinions, no offense to anyone.


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What's wrong with having a goal and doing what it takes to reach that goal? Some people want to practice at the bedside, others go into anesthesia, others become NPs, and some into administration or teaching. No big thing, it's just a matter of what you want to do. To each his own. All of these roles are needed, so who are we to say that someone shouldn't do what they want? It's all good.... :)


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I think there is nothing wrong with becoming an RN only to proceed into anesthesia. Since it is a prerequisite, then you don't have a choice. I would just take that time to be a sponge and learn as much as possible as an ICU nurse. But, I'm pretty sure that if there was another route to becoming a CRNA without being a bedside nurse, we'd all be jumping on it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a bedside nurse. I just know that it is not something I would want to do for the rest of my life.


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"for qualified rns, amp offers admission to the graduate program (every effort will be made to accommodate master's clinical specialty of choice), graduate-level study as early as the first term, and advanced standing in the graduate phase of the program."

just fyi the above information is directly from the columbia website. upon further review, their school requires (just as most do) a minimum of one year of critical care, there is no side stepping that part.

best wishes in your endeavors.


First of all i never said i would skip the minimum year of critical care but u get to enter the anesthesia school without having to apply all over again. The one year is incorporated into the program. Either way this route enables me to enter into crna school with the minumum and that is good enough for me. To each his own, if someone wants to be a bedside nurse for longer that is their perogative. But please stop with the jabs i am only obtaining my B.S.N in order to become a CRNA iam not trying to offend anyone. Everyone has different reasons for entering nursing trust me i understand the role of a CRNA. Anyway I am from westchester, ny i will obtain all the info from columbia for those interested.


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I do wish you well, just be prepared for the qualifications of others when the school selects their applicants.....that's all I am saying. There are few slots and many applicants. It may just end up that you work for a couple of years before you are selected. (By the way, I worked for four years in the NYH-Presbyterian organization and am very familiar with Columbia University, my remarks about there requirements are not "offhand" by any means).


this is the only reason i want to attend columbias program this is from their website.

students begin the program in late may/early june (summer semester). this course sequencing has been designed to allow for a seamless progression through pre-licensure and specialty studies.


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this is the only reason i want to attend columbias program this is from their website.

students begin the program in late may/early june (summer semester). this course sequencing has been designed to allow for a seamless progression through pre-licensure and specialty studies.

they are talking about apn, not necessarily nurse anesthesia. i would research this much further before you commit to something.....the aana requires the experience of one year prior to school (schools have to follow that guideline).


dont worry i will im actually meeting with the director of the program on friday. i have already spoken with the director on the phone and i was invited to attend an info session. i will post the exact conditions of the program.

im sorry mwbeah but by no means am i saying that your comments are offhand but i think u are referring to the route of the nurse that already has his or her bsn and is looking to obtain a msn. I believe u have worked in the hospital so have i as a spanish interpreter. I was born and raised around washington heights so iam very familiar with the school and hospital as well. Thanks anyway and i consider myself competitive i earned good grades during my undergrad years i just need to ensure that i do well on the GRE's. I will not hurt to try and apply u never know nothing or no one can discourage me.


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Now Now Children, What's All The Fuss About. Bottom Line Is There Absolutely No Way To Get Around The 1yr Of Icu Nursing. In Fact It May Be Longer Than 1yr Due To: Examples: Waiting List At School Of Choice, Ur Not Accepted At School Of Choice, Things Like That. So Everybody Just Keep Hope Alive And Work Hard.

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