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  1. I had a patient a few weeks ago whose case we canceled based on a low lab potassium value 2.7. I was the first to review the chart and pointed it out to the CRNA in the room with me, we called the floor to verify if it had been treated or rechecked, ...
  2. Cath lab? ICU burnout

    What about going to cath lab but staying on prn in the unit? That way you can still keep your unit experience fresh on your application, and you'll be a well rounded applicant with a broader experience base.
  3. Does time pass slow in the OR?

    I want to say before anyone reads this and goes crazy, I am just getting ready to start school in a month, so I am not entirely sure what the resposibility/pressure of an anesthesia case entails yet. However, to play the devil's advocate, I have also...
  4. Help...husband discouraging me :(

    To The OP: I love my job, and I am so glad I decided to pursue nursing. I've had a run of rough shifts lately, but at the end of the day, I've never had a job where you feel so fulfilled and rewarded for what you do. It's not for everyone, as some of...
  5. Legal or NOT

    How can any nurse get fired for missing narcs in this situation anyway? There's too much access to the meds, I wonder if any of the guards got fired for the missing narcs since they have unlimited access to them.
  6. Will somebody PLEASE tell these doctors....

    That a fiberoptic IABP does not need to be leveled. Gee, I went to nursing school, and even I know that one. If you don't want to be called in the middle of the night, just write the order "DO NOT CALL ME from 7p - 7a" and I won't bother you. When y...
  7. COPD pt's and 2L o2

    There's no set rule of NC O2 that I was taught not to give a COPDer. I was taught in school, that for a CO2 retainer, use caution in giving O2 b/c you can knock out their respiratory drive as others have discussed. However, keep in mind these patient...
  8. ethical situation

    One important thing we often forget is that these families need to feel that they've given their loved one the best chance at a recovery. It is often hard to give these families at straight answer on prognosis, length of recovery, quality of life if ...
  9. Erlanger Acceptance Letter

    Congratulations to you too endorphin. Doesn't it finally feel good to know you're in and be done with the waiting and worrying about the whole interview process? When does your program at UAB start?
  10. Erlanger Acceptance Letter

    Hi All, I am so excited! I just got my letter of acceptance from the Erlanger program. I was very suprised to hear back so soon since we just had interviews a week ago. Has anyone else heard the good news yet? Just wanted to say thanks to all the sup...
  11. chest tubes

    I've had several pneumonectomy patients who had orders to keep their chest tubes clamped, otherwise, we only do it to change out the atrium.
  12. M/SICU and "Step-down Trauma Unit" - what's the difference?

    Check out the intermidiate care unit thread here. We don't have step down units at my facility, so I can't tell you specifically what they do from first hand experience, but that thread seems to be pretty inclusive of what I've heard they are like at...
  13. Counrtry doses

    We call it a "baptist dose" down here. It's not a common practice to my knowledge where I work, but on occasion I have been told in report someone recieved a baptist dose of insulin, morphine, ativan, etc. I have honestly never actually done it mysel...
  14. New study bad news for Trasylol

    All of our surgeons but one are still using it, in spite of the NEJH article a while back. We have excellent outcomes with our heart surgery patients. I tend to agree with the point the website you posted in that the Bayer study was not a randomly as...
  15. New Cardiac Nurse wanting info

    The Incredibly Easy series gives good info, just the basics in simple easy to understand format. They have topics like critical care, lab values, ekg, assessment, etc. You can find the series at any bookstore chain-barnes and noble, books a million. ...