bag for job interview?


im just curious...i have an interview for a RN intern position in ED/Critical Care by next attire is ready..but i just want to know what kind of bag(where i can put my resume and other stuffs) to bring..i just thought that a briefcase is a OVER...

any input would help....:idea:


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My experience is from the software field, but I do have one or two thoughts that may help.

How much stuff do you really need for an interview? Copies of resumes, certainly, then certificates and/or cards, maybe note paper and a pen of your own so that you never have to borrow one.

Most of that fits in envelope(s) that you can carry in a suit jacket's inner pocket easily. No muss, no fuss and you're ready for a tour without lugging around luggage. If you really want to look more businessy then use a notepad cover or small portfolio.

The trick is to be nimble and prepared, you're right that a briefcase just doesn't cut it.

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Agreed - I have a leather folder from back in the day when I was under the delusion that I was pre-med, and I used that for the new-grad interview circuit. Resume copies, important documents, a pen, business cards (from other people, not yours), and a legal pad all fit in there nicely. Since we're guys, everything else fits in a pocket somewhere - and if it doesn't fit in either place, you won't need it.


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Manly briefcase is still acceptable. Not cool: shoulder bags.


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I'm looking for a cheap, thin, black, pleather suitcase. $30 budget. Wish me luck!

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You don't want to be carrying stuff in your pockets...can look sloppy and ruin the drape of your clothing, making you look lumpy

A soft carry case or a zippered portfolio is fine. A business like shoulder bag can be fine if not neat.

Allow room for a brag book, commendation, letters, projects etc you may want to refer to in your interview.


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How about a European shoulder bag.