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Has anyone had anything on backorder from them. I ordered a master cardio steth with personalization 7 days ago and just received a notice that it was on backorder. I have the usual option of cancelling the order or be put on a wainting list. Any clues from you as to how long they normal have things on backorder?

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I've had scrubs on backorder a couple of times. Once it took about two weeks then they sent me a notice saying they sent it, and the other time I think it was a little longer maybe three weeks. My experience with them has always been positive, if it were me I would keep the order.

Altra, BSN, RN

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I have not had a good experience with them and will not order from them again. (See thread "problems w/")

My order took unacceptably long to be shipped out from their warehouse AFTER they had charged my credit card, and during this time I was virtually unable to communicate with them because their "preferred method of communication" (email) was unavailable because their mail server was full. Phone contact was long, convoluted, and at my expense because they do not have an 800#. The kicker -- none of my items were backordered. This was their "normal" process. :angryfire

Just my venting ... hope you have better luck.

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I ordered a Cardio III steth from on 9/14. I received an e-mail two or three days later saying it was on backorder, which would delay shipping for an additional two days. I was fine with that.

On 9/23, I got another email saying that my order was ready for shipment but that my billing address didn't match the one from the credit card company. I replied by email (as someone else mentioned, their "preferred method" of communication) that very same day with the correct address.

I still had not received a tracking number by 9/28, so I finally called customer service and was told that they still had the wrong billing address because they hadn't received the new one yet (although I had sent it 5 days ago). So... I gave the correct address to the representative over the phone.

You would think that since the order was already ready and waiting to be shipped that it wouldn't have taken long after that. When I still didn't get any shipping cofirmation by 10/4, I called customer service again. He told me my steth was still being personalized with my name and would ship out in a few more days. When I asked him why it was still being personalized when I had been told a week and a half ago that it was ready, he didn't seem to have an answer.

So by the time I receive my steth (IF I'm lucky and nothing else happens) it will have been a month since I ordered it. grrrrrrrrrrrr :angryfire


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This topic has been here several times. Read this from 2001. It looks like it might work.


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I ordered from them once and that was enough for me. It took forever to get my scrubs that were in-stock. I practually had to harrass them to send my items. I even had my credit card service cancel the money for them.....


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I had no idea about all the problems. Serveral of my classmates had ordered from them and said they had no problem.




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I ordered all of my supplies in nursing school from them (including a cardiology III steth) and was very happy with their service. One item was broken during shipping and they sent a replancement right away. I recently ordered some support hose through their website and also received them very quickly. Several classmates have also bought through this company and had no problems. I think mostly their service is good but occasionally (as with all other companies) there can be problems.


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I contacted allheart and here is the email they sent


I apologize your order is still here an will not be processed until mid

month as we are in the process of moving our warehouse to Ohio and we

will be unable to ship any orders until 10/18/04. The orders should ship

out that week and starting in November we should have a faster turn

around time with less error. Thank you for your patience and

understanding during this time of reconstruction and reorganization of

the warehouse. Please advise me if you need to cancel your order or if

you would like to continue to wait I will upgrade your shipping to 3 day

air for free for your delay. Just advise me as to what you would like to

see done and I will do my best to accommodate your request. Thank you


Best Regards,


I am thinking why did they not just tell me the first time. So, if I keep my order with them then it will be around mid november by the time they personalize it and ship it out


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are there any other places you like to shop for nursing things on the web?



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New update. This was received today (10/30) after I emailed them Tuesday(10/25). Also, I never saw anything on the website telling about the delay in shipping and several other people here said the samething.

Unfortunately, your order was received in the middle of our stop ship

period, as we are in the process of relocating our warehouse out of

California into Ohio. As was stated on our website, all shipping has

been suspended from 10/1 until 10/22. Friday was the first day that we

have began to ship and we expect to be caught up and back to normal by

Tuesday 11/02/04.

Your order was just finished being personalized and should be shipped

out within the next two business days.

You will receive an email from our shipping carrier (DHL) with tracking

details once your package has actually left our facility.

We apologize for any inconvenience this delay may have caused and we

thank you for your patience.

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I placed an order through allheart on 10/8 and finally received my stuff a couple days ago. It was the first time I had ever ordered anything from them, not sure if I will again in the future. After 2 weeks of not receiving a tracking number or anything, I emailed customer service, didn't hear anything back.... emailed them again, finally got a response saying:

Unfortunately, your order was received in the middle of our stop ship

period, as we are in the process of relocating our warehouse out of

California into Ohio. Yesterday was the first day that we had begun to

ship and we expect to be caught up and back to normal by Monday


I responded back asking why I wasn't informed of this, and complained about how I had to pay $11.69 for shipping for something that is taking over 3 weeks. They responded back by saying it was posted on their website from 10/1-10/15 about their move and there would be a delay in orders. Where?!?! When I ordered my stuff I never saw anything about them moving or there being any kind of delay! They refunded me for the shipping and when I got my stuff, on the invoice they gave me a $10 off discount on my next purchase.

At least they refunded me for shipping and they gave me a discount on my next order (IF there is a next order, whoopdee 10 bucks off!). But I don't know if it's worth all the headache. I ordered this stuff over 3 weeks ago for clinicals, and now that I have 1 week left of clinicals, now I get my stuff!! Not really worth the wait and frustration.

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