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I emailed them complaining about and cancelling my order. They did not respond so I emailed them again threatening to report them to my bank for fraudulent activity if they charged me for anything. That one got a response. :)

I told them they had poor business practices as shown by a) not providing a telephone number anywhere on their website b) not responding to customer emails for over 48 hours c) knowing that there would be a serious delay in shipping and not telling their customers about it. They told me there was a notice on their website- but they told me it was there from 09/30 through 10/20- a little different from what they told you. Which is only important because I placed my order on 10/16- according to what they told you the notice would have been gone by then. But it would have still been there according to the tale they told me.

I pointed out to them that the order confirmation email said they would ship within 2-3 days and that the link to their "about our shipping" page that came in the email said the same thing. I didn't bother to point out that I was emailing with them on 10/26 and my order had not been shipped yet.

They did not offer me anything to make me a happy customer, which might have been because they didn't want to deal with me or might have been because they realized I wasn't gonna be happy either way since they lied to me. :) But they did cancel my order without charging my card. They are on my "will never do business with them again" list. Had I realized there was no phone number to call them at I would never have tried to order from them in the first place.

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