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Babies cut during c-sections?


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Yow! I have to stop reading this thread! It makes me wince. It's a wonder anyone gets born at all!

My youngest who just turned 14 has a tiny scar behind his ear that had to have come with the section. It wasn't big enough to need stichtes or anything, he says it is his mark for putting me through the pain of the section. Silly kid ;)

That is really a sweet remark. :lol2: My younger sister and my dh were born by c-s and I dont think they think a thing of it! I never thought anything about until it happened to me. My poor mom (who has been a nurse for 40 years) cried when the doctor announced c-section (of course I was crying too but I was surprised to see her crying). She was trying to tell me that c-sections today were so good it would be no big deal. I told her later (jokingly) that she must have forgotten the pain but she had a true stat c-section (hemorrhaging, placenta previa, 32 week deliver) with my sister so the doctor did a classical incision.


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During my preceptorship in April, we had a baby that was cut during a c/s - actually twice... one on the cheek and one on the foot. We were like huh? I assume that his foot was up by his cheek in utero. They were very small & just had surface blood marks, nothing that actively bled.

:) i have had 3 c-sections and none of my children were harmed in any way. i am sure there is that risk due to the doc not being able to control the baby changing positions during delivery but it is not something that happens alot because most doc's are very careful and try to manipulate the position of the baby so they can make a safe cut. my 1st daughter was wedged in my pelvic space and was not able to be moved at all and she was delivered by c-section and had not one cut to her. the doc was very careful. all 3 of my children were breech and they were all delivered by c-section with no problem. i hope this was helpul for you.:p


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My youngest son got his foot cut when he was being delivered via c-section. He still has a scar from it. I'm sure things happen from time to time.

I am so sorry, that was a horrible experience for you. My friend suffered a similar experience 25 yrs ago and says she still feels achy sometimes in her perinium. Imagine that:idea:

I know how she feels, I won't go into details but one of my laceration scars still twinges a bit now and then.

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Whoa - this thread makes me happy my childbearing years are behind me... :) Seriously. I always have had a lot of respect for those of you who work OB-GYN nursing. As a student I loved it...... But it was good that they had a nurse come in to speak to us (apart from the flowers and well wishing for parents of newborns) to let us know that not all the outcomes are happy ones.

Still. As a nurse who works with a mostly elderly population. It must be wonderful to welcome folks into the world instead of just being there with them a few years or days before they say goodbye.

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in 4 years of L&D, I never saw a baby cut during a c-sec but I had my hand inside a patient's uterus keeping a prolapsed cord and a determined 26 weeker from sliding out (way long story........) and I was worried that my fingers had the possibility of being sliced before I could get them out......(didn't happen)

I saw some really good "head hickies" from vacuum extractors and saw a cut on the top of a baby's head from one of those old style suckers that had the metal cups......

as for forceps, bah......

I personally have 38 year old dents on both sides of my head from a forceps delivery - it did some muscle (but no nerve) damage and I had to have a lazy eye on that side repaired (still gets slightly wonky when I'm really tired - that's my cue to my husband that we've been out too late and need to get home.......:monkeydance:

I have worked in a L & D for almost twenty years. I have yet to see a cut on the newborn from a C/S but I have seen red marks or bruises. If it is a difficult delivery of the baby, the OB/GYN's hands can scratch or bruise a part of the newborns body. But this is also rare. It usually goes away in a couple of days.

I have read (I think on some CIMS publication) that cuts happen about 4% of the time, mostly those malpostitioned kids.

We have a local baby that was recently cut ear to ear along the back of the head. and my friends' baby was too, right above the eye (the doc had the nerve to say the baby scratched it'self- Come on!. I wish the docs would just slow down. Some seem to be competeing to be fast

Vacuums and forceps are terrifying. Got a kid in from an outlying who had "multiple pop-offs"...had some brain bleeds and a head that looked like a waterbed....poor child. Couldnt give him anyhting for pain b/c it would mask the signs of seizures. Poor thing just cried and cried (which prob made it hurt worse!)

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My now 19 yr old was born by caesar for foetal distress and they cut her ear, she had three stitches, can hardly see the scar today.

As many of the posters have stated.....done L&D for years and only seen cut and nicks several times......nothing serious. The worst was a cut to the lip....direct OP......no stitches and healed by the time the family left the unit. Guess it happens sometimes:yeahthat:

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