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  1. nursecave

    Biggest babys

    I didn't admit them, and they went to Newborn, but we had the biggest twins in the state a few weeks ago at our hospital. Here is a link to the story MSNBC had on their site. The Today Show came and interviewed, it was a media circus. I felt so bad for the Mom and Dad, esp. the Mom.......http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25337743/ No gestational diabetes either. Mom's first was over 10 pounds. They both have family histories of large babies. I am glad I am no relation!
  2. nursecave

    Relocating to Winston Salem

    If you work a weekend option, Sat. & Sun. 12 hours (24 total), you get paid for 36 hours. You get paid an additional $4 after 3pm. This is at FMC. Some units also offer a Fri, Sat, Sun 8hr/day(24 total), or Sat, Sun, Mon 8 hr/day (24 total) and pay you for 36 hours. Not many units do, mine is one of a handful. Of course we have some of the best management in the hospital, they are very accomodating to what people want. A happy staff is a good staff, and they know that!:loveya:
  3. nursecave

    Holding an intubated baby with a UAC

    We usually have at least another nurse besides ourself, and an RT there for the transition to and from the incubator. While Mom is holding, we are there to monitor baby for tolerance of being out, and have an RT and a nurse on a short leash in case we need them back in a hurry. Just plan your move well, and have lots of spare hands around.
  4. nursecave

    Funny Names

    Dynasty spelled Di"Nasti. We joked and said that "d nasty" is how you get pregnant to start with!
  5. nursecave

    10 pregnant RN's...

    "I just think it must be scary as anything to be pregnant and work day after day in the NICU." I had my children while I worked Mother Baby. That was bad enough. We deliver around 7,000 babies per year, and so there were plenty of horror stories to be heard and sometimes experienced. I now work NICU, and one of our nurses had her baby at 24 weeks. Super Scary! Thank God that little Reagan has done remarkably well. No bleeds, no NEC, only a PDA ligation and reflux, which in the grand scheme is wonderful! There was a chance she was going to have to have her eyes worked on, but they improved on the follow up visit and ROP is no longer a real threat. Her 36 week cranial ultrasound was normal. She is such a remarkable little girl.:redbeatheHer mother and father have been such troopers through all of this. I can't imagine knowing what I know now about the typical 24 weekers course in the NICU and having the grace and peace that my co-worker and her husband have had. Reagan gets her remarkableness from her Mom and Dad!
  6. nursecave

    Ruptured ear drum

    Honey, I feel your pain. I had no pain until mine ruptured, at 0230 on Friday, February 22. It took a little over 2 weeks for the pain to subside, and the incessant ringing took a few days longer. I have been back to my primary twice since the day it happened. (I went the day it happened as well.) They have been keeping a keen eye on it to make sure it heals properly and that everything returns to normal. I go back next week also for follow up. The ear drops with antibiotics and hydrocortisone really seemed to help too. Talk to your provider about it if they didn't prescribe them. They may have had a reason. (I hope that isn't considered medical advice, I just know that was my experience, and what I have read on medical info sites) Best of luck to you, it will get better!:)
  7. nursecave

    Western NC/Piedmont Area

    I work at Forsyth Medical Center and most of our units do hire LPN's. I know ICU, CCU, L&D, & NICU do not though. Not sure about the ED. Cardiac telemetry does hire LPN's, as do med surg units, mother baby. There is also Medical Park Hospital which is an affiliate of Forsyth directly across the street from Forsyth, and they hire LPN's also. It is a med-surg facility. Good luck and welcome to the area. They don't call it God's country for nothing ! amy from surry county :cheers:
  8. nursecave

    Humiliating IV questions

    We don't have any choice in what angiocath we use. They don't stock anything else. We did have the BBraun's with the clip on the end, and it only took about 2 months and the whole corporation quit using them because they were so hard to deal with. It wasn't a neonatal only problem, nurses couldn't get IV's in adults with those things! I like the ones we use now better,the BD's, they are what we used prior to the BBrauns. Sometimes the old way IS the better way!
  9. nursecave

    Getting NCLEX Questions Identical to Studied Questions ????

    I had very few similar questions, but I had one exact question! No kidding. I took 75 questions before I went to the testing center, just to get myself into that mode, and no joke question 72 on the NCLEX was the exact same as one I had that morning!
  10. nursecave

    Humiliating IV questions

    With the BD's it is somewhat helpful to twist the angiocath(take the wing and spin completely around) around the needle to loosen it up a little. When we went to those years ago the company rep recommended that. Also, stick just below where you see the vein well, and just off to either side of the vein. I am a newbie in NICU, but those tricks have helped. The twisting the angiocath part I learned in adult nursing.
  11. nursecave

    Sobering first day on the job.....

    I work NICU, not ED, but coding a baby is coding a baby. It shouldn't happen but it does. My first code was while I was in orientation, just not my first night. It was on a near term kid with no risk factors for pulmonary hemorrhage, who pulmonary hemorrhaged. It was the most terrible thing I ever witnessed. I was the recorder for the whole event. When the MD finally called the code, I cried. Then I looked around to find we all were, so I felt better. Some of the nurses working that code had 20 + years NICU experience and had coded many babies. You never forget, but it gets easier. I am glad you shared your experience, that will help you heal. Keep your chin up, you will do fine in the ED. The fact that you are cautious but still excited to go to work tomorrow tells me you have already found your niche.
  12. nursecave

    NC Diploma Programs

    My sister goes to Queens - it is VERY expensive! She is going to get her MSN there. Good thing she got scholarships is all I have to say. I nearly went to Mercy, but I didn't want to have to enroll there and at CCCC also to get my ADN.
  13. nursecave

    first day in nicu

    I just started NICU on 4/2/07 after 6 years of Mother Baby. It is really different, but I like it so far. Good luck to you. I too came from a boss who treats staff horrible. She blocked my transfer inititially and then laughed at me to my face and bragged about holding me back. She has seen me in the hall since the transfer and has sneered at me and called me a traitor. Things are so bad that the whole staff is thinking about putting in for transfers just to get human resources attention that something is terribly wrong there. It is so sad that what should be the happiest unit in the hospital ( Mother Baby) is so miserable. I left not because of her, but because I have always wanted NICU, I just couldn't work there until I finished my RN, they don't hire LPN's. So, I finished last May, and am just now getting released to go...........
  14. nursecave

    37 weeker NICU stay possible...

    At our hospital babies have to be 35 weeks and 4#8oz to go to the term nursery. Rarely does a 37 weeker go to NICU for resp issues. Really no more than any other term baby. At that point it is more of the transition to the extrauterine environment that sometimes causes respiratory problems vs. actual immaturity of the fetal lung. When we do have a 35+ weeker in NICU for respiratory problems it is for TTN (transitional tachypnea of the newborn - it's temporary and rarely needs anything more than several hours monitoring and some blowby O2 PRN.)
  15. nursecave

    Need info about Winston-Salem,Novant Health

    I work at Forsyth Hospital in the NICU. The company is overall a good company to work for. The Neuro- ICU unit is relatively new, opened less than 2 years ago (Ithink). We have had so much construction, it's hard to remember what opened when. Winston Salem is a nice area to live and work. Welcome aboard!