Avoid Kids at ALL Costs! Ch 8

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by Julie Reyes Julie Reyes, DNP, RN

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In chapter 1, I discussed my reasons for leaving EMS and going into nursing. I wanted to never have to scrape another teenager off of a highway; never scoop a seizing infant away from an abusive parent; never fight for the life of an unbuckled 4 year old in a car accident and lose. I never again wanted to hear the screams of a parent who just realized their world has come to a sudden end as I look down on my bloody hands that tried so hard to win. So, I became a nurse.

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it is hard when you are in that situation, but I just think of the patient and take care of them the best I can. You can see the parents that truly want to change; with having worked with these type of parents and CPS . You just do your best, offer support and not to vocalize your judgements, because it is not your place to judge. Love Peds



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I absolutely LOVE your posts and look forward to the following chapters! I am a career transitioner lol! I am currently finishing up my prereq's and will start by BSN program this May AND.... will start my new Nurse Assistant (med-surg) position on Feb 2nd, whew!!!! I am so excited, at first the end goal was WHNP, but after reading articles on this site and just me giving it some more thought- I am striving for the FNP. Although my passion is Women's Health, I also think that I may like Ped's also, but not sure- I will wait until clinicals and see if I still feel the same.

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Nice article! So glad you're able to work in these areas! It sounds like the kids love you and you're good at it. I love kids as well. I just can't work with sick, dying, abused, and neglected patients. It's too emotionally charged for me. I would be a miserable person because all I would be able to think of is what these kids are going through and how can I be happy with so much sadness in the world. I planned on working peds when I went into nursing school and after my rotation said never again! I work with healthy school-aged children and I like that much better. We still see the neglect, sick, etc but not to that degree and not every day. Thank God for nurses like you!!!! :)

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I'm a tough male who regularly punches trees and eats nails for breakfast and this made my eyes tear up! I will likely never work with children because of this kind of thing. Let's just say there are some young people in my non-immediate family not getting the care they need and there's nothing I can do about it; one of them is Downs. I could not see myself dealing with the often heartless politics involved with foster care, much less a child in despair, on a daily bases. I would likely want to male-logic the people who put the child in its hardship (With fists of caring!) too often. Keep it up and fight the good fight! Mad respect for you.

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Dang, you are a good writer. ?

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I think I was kind of waiting for your take on your peds rotation. I am currently in the middle of mine and even though some of these kids are tearing my heart out, I LOVE PEDS! I never thought I would. I dreaded this rotation but now actually going through it, I think it's something I can actually call home as an aspiring RN. I appreciate your take on this. I was on the "avoid peds at all costs" mentality too. Kids who have been abused or have some drastic problems and little family support -- that's my jam somehow. I wanna cry most days but I keep wanting to come back for more. I love how much we get to learn everyday and how big our hearts have to open.