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  1. Insensitive Husband

    I get what you are saying, it has taken my husband a while to understand my shifts. We have been married 23-yrs. I have been a nurse for 19-years out of the 23-years, I have worked day shift and night shifts and split shifts. When I started nursing w...
  2. Avoid Kids at ALL Costs! Ch 8

    it is hard when you are in that situation, but I just think of the patient and take care of them the best I can. You can see the parents that truly want to change; with having worked with these type of parents and CPS . You just do your best, offer s...
  3. Avoid Kids at ALL Costs! Ch 8

    i was a volunteer EMT in Alaska while going through nursing school. I love it. My husband is a fire fighter/EMT-I. There are days that we know when one of us has had a bad day, and so does our boys. On those days family support is the best, by blood ...
  4. Avoid Kids at ALL Costs! Ch 8

    I love pediatrics, I have been a peds nurse for the last 12-years out of 17-years of being a nurse. A LPN for 5-years and RN for 7-years..I also float to the NICU. The hardest to deal with are the abusive cases or the ones you have that feeling and y...