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  1. Eclectic Swain

    Wearing skirts as a nurse

    The view that a woman should not wear pants isn't biblical. My parents had a belief that I disagreed with and they gave me an ultimatum to either practice their belief or leave. They did not expect me to leave but I calmly informed them I was taking them up on their offer and left. I had not felt that free in years! I had been paying all of my own bills, except for rent, up to that point so the transition was simple. Adulthood means more independent thinking and responsibility. It can be hard, but the rewards are awesome. Don't ostracize yourself, but there's nothing wrong with keeping some family members at an arms length vs. right in your face. Moderation in everything, especially in reference to controlling, well-meaning, parents.
  2. Eclectic Swain

    Avoid Kids at ALL Costs! Ch 8

    I'm a tough male who regularly punches trees and eats nails for breakfast and this made my eyes tear up! I will likely never work with children because of this kind of thing. Let's just say there are some young people in my non-immediate family not getting the care they need and there's nothing I can do about it; one of them is Downs. I could not see myself dealing with the often heartless politics involved with foster care, much less a child in despair, on a daily bases. I would likely want to male-logic the people who put the child in its hardship (With fists of caring!) too often. Keep it up and fight the good fight! Mad respect for you.
  3. Eclectic Swain

    Get Your Foot Off My Self Esteem!

    Interesting read. I do hope my instructors will at least tolerate me! Loved the post about blunt male logic. It's so true! I gotta watch myself and what I say sometimes ;P
  4. Eclectic Swain

    Clinical Humor

    I certainly remember more when comedy is present. I know now a bit on pneumonia and wankers. Thank you good sir!
  5. Eclectic Swain

    LSU BSN Fall 2015

    I spent a good three weeks on it. I have to agree that a research paper is a lot less stressful. May the application process be forever in your favor!
  6. Eclectic Swain

    LSU BSN Fall 2015

    I just turned mine in today! Any luck with the paper writing?
  7. Eclectic Swain

    LSU BSN Fall 2015

    Hey, Ntassin! How early has everyone submitted their application? I just did so today (1/13/2015). Was it a bad idea to submit it so close to the deadline? Another random question: does being a guy increase my chance of being accepted? I have a pretty good HESI score/GPA and my family/friends said my paper was great, but it would be cool if, as a white male, I had an upper hand as a minority for once! Or is the idea that nursing school consists mostly of females false? And is anyone else super nervous about this? I got a new surge of nervousness after turning in the my application packet. It's a mixture of anxiety and impassioned butterflies. AHHH!