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Are there any Australian Nurse out there who would be interested in getting our own section of threads

Is that even possible?

Let me know.....

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Aussie RN where are you??????



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Melbourne.... In a lovely sea side suburb....

God I love Summer!!!


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sehbear, sounds like a nice idea, but if you looks at the stats for this site, the Aussie visitors are a small %, compared to the U.S visitors, so I'm thinking it wouldn't warrant our own section of threads........

When posting discussions specific to Oz, just pop something in the title to let the other Aussies know it's Aussie specific (maybe).........



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Hi, I am in Melbourne, Australia too!!!

I'm still a student - Bachelor of Nursing / Bachelor of Public Health, (3rd year) and i think the Aussie thread is a great idea.

I too love Summer at the beach!


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can l be an aussie???....l wanna be an aussie!


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yes l.rae you can be an aussie... i'll let you...I understand what you mean about the small percentage of aussie.. so i will just put it in the general forum....

thanks bewbew

c'mon aussie!


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No worries, mate! rofl.gif


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I got relatives in Forest Hill and good friend in Mornington! Can I be part-time Honorary Aussie Member???? (I got stubbies cooling in the Eskie!!!)


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If we had sufficent members l would like this idea - as we could discuss from time to time issues that are particular to us - plus the lingo wouldnt be so confusing for others (BTW- Any interested people can be honorary as far as l am comcerned)

I guess we should strat with a bit of a head count and check out how much of a mob we could have to contribute

- Maybe we should include NZ's and other countrie close to us - be a Australiasia area ??? (just a thought)

renerian, BSN, RN

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Specializes in MS Home Health.

I would love to be an honorary Aussie!!!!!!!



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Can I be your Austrie?

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