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Since most of my 22 years of nursing have been spent working with the elderly, I am coming to you for help in a problem my daughter is having that I am very concerned about. I know you cannot give me a positive answer, but I am asking you for your input and will not hold anyone responsible for their input, which I am begging for!!! My daughter went off the pill on April 2, after approx. 2 years of being on it. In Feb. just prior to her wedding she had an URI and was on antibiotics. They used no birth control during this time as they were getting married in March and knew she would be going off the pill then and were aware that being on an antibiotic cancels out the effectiveness of the pill. In May she began secreting a light whitish yellow fluid from both breast. Also has frequent nausa but it subsides when she eats. Very drastic mood swings and frequent tearfulness. She is very tired and wants to sleep all the time. On the surface I would say that there is a good possibility that she is pregnant BUT she has taken 5 EPT pregnancy tests and all have been negative. IF she would have even gotten pregnant, say as far back as Feb, while on the antibiotic, wouldn't this be too soon for the secretion of Colostrum??? She is afraid to go to the doctor because she thinks her doctor will think she is nuts, I said go NOW and find out for certain what is going on. I thought about possibly a breast infection, but she swears that her upper abdomen feels differently. I would really appreciate any input, ideas, advice, whatever, that you could give me. I am trying to find enough reason to force her into going to see her doctor and not to feel stupid. PLEASE, can you help me or offer any ideas here???? Duckie EDITED TO ADD: Last month she had one week of very light spotting then had what appeared to be a mild period.


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Darn kids, almost as hard to get them to go to the Doctor as it is husbands.

I know next to nothing about OB/GYN but it seems to me your body can act pretty strange for a while after going off of the pill.

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For Pete's sake she needs to go to the doc and find out! Who cares what the doc thinks, it's her health and potentially her baby's too. A serum pregnancy test might give more information- if the hcg level rose and then dropped perhaps that would give her the symptoms of pregnancy, and a negative test. What would cause that? A miscarriage early on, tumor , molar pregnancy? On the brighter side I know you can have a light period and still be pregnant.

Good question but I sure don't know the answer, anyone else?

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Well, I know with my first pregnancy I never had a positive urine test. Finally when I was 4 months I had a positive blood test. I started the leaking thing pretty early in the pregnancy (say right around the time I found out I was pregnant) and by about 6 months along I actually had what appeared to be milk leaking in moderate amounts. Prior to the positive test, I thought something was up--my breasts had grown a LOT. I used to carry a lot of things by bracing them on my hips, and I had started feeling like there was pressure on something when I did that. I never had any bleeding during the pregnancy, but I had a friend who had a light period every month during one of her pregnancies.


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I agree with the above....she needs a serum test and health care workup. Could be a lot of things. Most likely suspicion I have is it's possibly a miscarriage/ missed AB? As you know, this is not normal either way and she may need medical attention to prevent further problems with her health. Print this thread and give it to her. Tell her her doctor WILL NOT THINK SHE IS CRAZY to CHECK IT OUT! IT IS VITAL! let us know how she is ok, Duckie? we do care!!!! Best wishes!


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I agree with smiling blue eyes, possible missed AB. She needs to get into the doctor and I seriously doubt the doctor will think she is crazy, since the symptoms she's having are not normal. I was also thinking maybe she should have her thyroid checked. Let us know!

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Use your considerable powers of persuasion, and physically take her to the doc's if you have to. It sounds as if your fighting the same battle with scaredy cat patients that I am!!! LOL!! Just get her to go no matter what okay??? It's that important. Love ya kiddo. WW.

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She definitely needs a workup and maybe a visit to the endocrinolgist...Prolactin secretion happens not just with pregnancy as you know..My sister in law started secreting from her breasts and had never been pregnant. At the time she was not involved with anyone. A CT scan showed a small tumor responsible for that and she was treated accordingly..It most likely isn't such a thing, but whatever the case, sounds as though a workup is in order....Good luck and God Bless....{}

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Off to the doctor...........



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Between her hubby and I she finally agreed to go to the doctor, of course that was after HE had already made an appointment for her. So, I am much relieved about that. Please keep her in her prayers. Thanks, Duckie

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Nothing like having to double team somebody in order to get them to go to the doctor!! You know I am always in your corner, and Sandi is in my thoughts and prayers. Love ya kiddo. WW.

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