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"cheerfuldoer - i've been reading your responses today, you seem like such a beautiful person! "

renee is a beautiful person both inside and out. :kiss


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I only have my ADN and have not been able to get some of the positions I wanted because of this.

Shortly after graduating from nursing school, I got married, pregnant and divorced in a very short time. I was not able to get the jobs that were more compatible with single-parenthood due to my lack of education. Working/going for my BSN/raising a child alone was not a viable option either.

My child is almost grown and I'm going to go back to school - but not for my BSN. I'm getting out of nursing.


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I have a ADN degree. There is no difference in pay for ADN and BSN at the hospital where I work.I have thought about going back to school but I hated school so that thought went out of my head quickly.Working in a military hospital I don't have many chances for supervisory positions so I am very happy with my ADN.


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I've been a RN for 24 years. I got in to the ADN program because the LPN program was full(Back then what did I know, I thought I dwasn't smart enough to be a RN). This has proved to be the best thing that happened to me. I was over 30 at the time and needed to work fast. The BS program I had been ready to graduate from was not going to be as usuable as I had been told. I've started back for my BSN and then dropped out because I didn't want any thing I would be able to do with it. I love bedside nursing and that is what ADN'S were geared to. Many of my classmates have gone on to more education and higher jobs. In fact I worked for a DON just this summer, I went to school with. My point is go for what you want. If after your ADN you are happy then don't let any one tell you that you need to go on. This ADN/BSN stuff was going on in 1976 and will probably go on in 2076. Be happy Nursing can be very rewarding


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As I am about to expand from this zero point in nursing I ask myself the same question.

Going to school is importand, and I know i will love rn school even before it starts. I loved all the pre-req's.

But honestly, my greatest asset is doing fine delicate tasks, and my senses. It's true. When I took all those personality tests, they all indicated I am a "feeling" person, as opposed to a thinker or a judge or I forget. I'd like to get real good at IV's or ultrasound, or stay bedside. Either way, im okay :-)

I'll get my AA first, then ask myself, if I even make it :-(


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I love my ADN program. It is very fast paced and just forces me to stay focused on what we are learning. It is faster (not for me because I became pregnant and had to drop out during my first year) and cheaper. I go to a community college, but there is also a university in this town that offers a bachelor's program for nursing. I have had a few students in my class who transferred into our program because of one reason or another. Usually expense related. My school is also neat because they recently started offering Telecourses for those interested in the bachelor's program. I have asked a few students to describe it and they sit in a classroom at the community college in front of TV screens and attend class this way. The microphones are sound detectable or movement detectable, but the students are able to participate. My school also offers a master's via Telecourse in community health, Psych, and Community health. I am now entering my second year of the ADN and plan on continuing on for personal reasons. Here in this town, ADN grads are very valued, so I would not have done my ed. any other way.

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originally posted by lpn,future, rn

"cheerfuldoer - i've been reading your responses today, you seem like such a beautiful person! "

renee is a beautiful person both inside and out. :kiss

so are you, my sister-in-christ! so are you! :kiss ((((hugs))))) :balloons:

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Cheerful we seem to be chasing each other around the board! LOL. You do seem very spiritual..



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congrats on your career choice! I graduated from a AD program in 1988 and went back for my BSN later. This was in my opinion the best of both worlds. My clinical experience was exceptional in the AD program and I was able to use real work exzperience in relation to the classes in the BSN program..Good luck in Nursing reguardless of the path you choose. It's a great profession in a lot of ways.:cool:

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Originally posted by renerian

Cheerful we seem to be chasing each other around the board! LOL. You do seem very spiritual..


Awwww shucks, renerian! :blushkiss :chuckle :lol2:

If you are considering management (oooo - I said the "M" word!), then a BSN will be better. Also, here in the Bay Area prefered Case Manager has a BSN.


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I have my BSN, mainly this was because I was young when I went into nursing school and wanted to get a four year degree. There is no pay difference at my hospital between ADN and BSN nurses at my hospital. A BSN is required for all management positions though. I am thankful though for my BSN since I am now considering on going back to school to become a Certified Nurse Midwife.

Good luck in which ever path you choose. I am sure you will become a great nurse and that is what is important.

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