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Hey all,

I am starting nursing school in a couple of weeks and my school requires us to wear white leather/pleather shoes without logos for clinicals. I am currently having a problem since I have a relatively large shoe size (size 15) and I have yet to find a nursing supply store that carries anything in my shoe size. If you could recommend any websites I would be greatly appreciative.

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Size 15??? How tall are you?? My hubby and son are 6'4' and they are 12/13....any good white leather sneaker without huge logos will do...if you need to get one with a subtle logo talk to your may be limited in your selection.

Try Men's Ultralite Tracker Slip-Resistant Nursing Shoes or Spring Step Men's Berman Men's Lace Up Shoe


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My school allows the guys to wear KSwiss.


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If there is no ban on clogs, try Dansko professionals.

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My school allows the guys to wear KSwiss.

^ This. If your school is pretty strict on FULL white shoes, you can always white-out or find a white marker to color the logo/name.

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What school are you going to???

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If there is no ban on clogs, try Dansko professionals.

I wear Dansko's and I love them. I have never had a problem with foot pain during clinicals.

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I tried on a pair of Dansko's -- the all white ones. Makes me a little uncomfortable by how girly they look (the clog version). Though, I see pretty much every single nurse wear them. I'm not sure I can stand having a low heel, though. :\

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Nike Shox ! Airmax's are really good too.


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Dude just get a pair of old people new balance walking shoes all white. They are super comfortable. I'll probably wear them after school. No shame in the game.


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hey spinny, I have to wear all black sneakers and got a pair of old people Velcro NB walking shoes. They were on closeout for 30. My wife cracked up at the Velcro straps. No shame...


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lol Im with spinny. My girlfriend calls them my grandpa shoes. its like walking on clouds.

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