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I am looking for a really good assessment book to teach me all the things that my instructor didn't when I was in nursing school. The course that I am going to take for my completion program uses the same book that I despise. Anybody out there recommend a good assessment book that you actually learned something from?

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A Guide to Physical Examination by Barbara BatesMD, J. B. Lippencott publisher....old as the hills but it worked. I check and see what ones using at my college now.


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Mosby's Guide To Physical Examination, Henry Seidel, MD, Jane Ball RN DrPH CPNP, Joyce Dains RN CS FNP, William Benedict MD, Mosby Publishing.

Physical Examination and Health Assessment, Carolyn Jarvis RN C MSN FNP. W.B. Saunders Company Publisher


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Physical Examination and Health Assessment written by Carolyn Jarvis(a nurse) is easy to the eye and has lot's of pictures (don't we just love pictures!). There is also a companion book you can carry with you!!!

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;) I like the Jarvis book also, combined with the pocket sized "Nurse's Handbook of Health Assessment" by Janet Weber.

The Weber has great vocabulary for documenting normal and abnormal findings. (Funny how easy it is to get stuck when trying to describe "normal").

BUT the Weber is pretty light on pictures. It had mostly drawings. The Jarvis compliments it well with loads of pictures and descriptions including differences in assessment of dark and light skin.

Good luck!!


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When I was in Nursing school back in 1994---we used the Jarvis book for our clinical skills lab--you know where you paired up with a partner and learned to listen to breath sounds, bowel sounds and all that good stuff!

It was and still is an excellent book with lots of great pictures!

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I really like Estes book, sorry exact name and title unavailable, gave all my books to my cousin who is getting her BSN.

I also have an older Bates book. I found these two books complimented each other very well. I also liked the handbook, "Easy Assessment" by Springhouse, very easy reading, but it just does not have the great pictures that Bates does.

Estes is heavier on the correct procedure for exam, while Bates had more pictures of things like skin lesions, funky eye disorders, the cool stuff.

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