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ASN/LPN 1st Semester Nursing Program Schedule


If you are a 1st semester or 2nd semester nursing student, can you give me an idea of what your class schedule is like? Also, did you have any input as to when you schedule your classes? I am hoping (keeping my fingers crossed) that I begin the program next fall, and I have no idea what to expect. They were sort of vague when I asked at the info meeting, and said to expect at least 2 full days of classes and two partial days of classes...I have three kids to consider and I am trying to figure out how much I need to save for childcare expenses!

Also, I have heard that clinicals can be scheduled at all different times, sometimes as early as 6 am...has anyone found this to be the case?

Thank you so much for your input!

Good luck getting in. I would just save for four full days of childcare if I were you. It is 2 full dys and 2 partial dys. The earliest remember having clinicals was at 6:30 AM or maybe 6:45 AM. The ONLY input you have on your schedule is if they decide an option to take online classes & they will try to put your clinical site within the vinicity that you live in.

Also, don't really depend on the schedule that you get in the mail. It will change. I had to rearrange my childcare plans at least 3 times this semester alone, and with only a couple days notice. I guess they didn't have clinical sites nailed down until the last minute and that has been a big problem this semester. Just a heads up so you aren't surprised when it happens. You won't get any say at all in your schedule. The first semester is the most intense as far as class time is concerned. We have always had one day off per week though.

Thank you for the info! How many days per week do you have clinicals? And are they all day? I am worried about the child care arrangements. My husband travels for work, so it should be interesting since I know that you cannot miss classes or clinicals! Overall, is the program what you expected?

First semester here at Valpo, four days a week for 5 weeks of fundamentals, and now 3 days a week. Our schedule did not change at all(yet!) good luck!

In Bloomington, the first four weeks of the semester, we had three half days of classes (9 - 12) and two full days of classes (9 - 12 and 1 - 5). As of right now, we have four half days (Mon and Tuesday 1 - 3:45, Wed. 8 - 10:45, Clinicals on Thursday from 7:00 - 3:00 and class Friday from 9 - 12). I hope that this helps.

The clinicals will really just have to depend on what is available. There are clinicals that run 6:30-3:30 and there are clinicals that run 11-8, and also 3-11.

You are very much at the mercy of the school on that.

As far as the program being what I expected, I try to go into each new semester with an open mind because it really is so unpredictable. Sometimes it is only days before the beginning of the semester before you know your schedule. It is very rigorous and intense but I am learning a lot. Overall, I'm very pleased with the education. I can do without the politics, but you are gonna deal with that everywhere.

This post is very helpful, thanks to you all for posting!!

Has Indy added clinical times? I thought I remembered from the info session that I went to that she said clinical was pretty much the 7am-3:30p shift. I would not like to have the later ones.

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You can look up when the nursing classes are offered at the Lawrence campus in the same place where you find the other classes. I was looking at the times a week or so ago. I hope that if I get accepted that I'll get morning clinicals. I've been "practicing" getting up super early for the last 8 months by working 6:30am-3pm and you know, it's actually working out pretty well for me :)

Ideally Indy likes 7am start times, but if those times are not available, there have been afternoon/evening clinicals.

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