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Hi, I'm new here, I just want to ask to everyone out there, how is it working with hospitals managed by Tenet group? I'll be working with them in the near future, are they good to there employees, they offered me $21/hr, of course this is under an agency since I'm a new hire from the Philippines, I'll be in the Los Angeles area. Is this reasonable?

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My best advice regarding Tenet is to run the other way!

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I was not impressed with Tenet when I worked for them in S. Fl. also if you are considering working agency that rate of pay is too low.


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Tenet's major owner is Ross Perot. Enougth said.


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I worked for a hospital in the Los Angeles area for almost ten years before it was purchased by Tenet. Most of that time, it had been a good place to work. Tenet's first move was to "early retire" several managers who were less than five years from full retirement.(These were folks who had been with the hospital for decades!) Staffing on our 34 bed unit went from 5-6 RN's and 3-4 CNA's, to 3-4 RN's and 1-2 CNA's after the purchase. The unit had both 8 and 12 hour shifts, so 3-11 shift had always had to pick up extra patients at 7pm, but after Tenet came in, 3-11 staff usually got floated or sent home at 7. Per diems were required to sign up for a certain number of shifts, but then were cancelled 75% of the time. (I know! I was per diem! Before Tenet came, I rarely got cancelled.) The call-off time -- for the hospital to cancel a nurse's shift changed from 2 hours to 1 hour, which essentially forced anyone who commuted to quit. (Remember, this is LA -- a ten mile drive can take one hour in traffic!) Maybe these little facts can help you decide whether it sounds like someplace you'd want to be.

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I know nothing about Tenet. I just wanted to say "hello and welcome" to you. :nurse:

$20.00/hr?? you have got to be kidding. Seems 1/3 too low to me. One thing about tenet is that you should negotiate your $$ up front since there is little chance for getting more than just incremental raises later. That said, I work for Tenet. They have been very good to me. Lots of education and training, very professional, and have treated me with more respect than anywhere else I have worked. I was even hired after an extended 5+ year leave to raise babies and they welcomed me with open arms. They seem serious about retention and giving nurses the support they need to give excellent patient care. The only grumpy little complaint I have is that like any for-profit hospital they seem to spend alot of money on managers and give only pizza and chocolate for the peons that do the real work, ...........but what else is new??


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Listen to jemb. Tenet is a business ONLY. They buy up and close hospitals frequently, and build new ones in more prosperous locations, with no regard for the outraged communities involved.

Nurses in LA make way more than $21/hour (check out some of the threads here for comparison), so I'm sure they'd be glad to hire you at that rate. (The median salary for a staff RN in LA is over $50,000/year.)

By the way, in light of the cost cutting described above, it might interest you to know that Tenet recently doubled the retirement package for its CEO.

I worked for a humana owned hospital in a small town that had two competing hospitals. The tenet hospital bought the hospital I worked for approx 10 years ago. I worked for tenet after that. I think that the bottom line is the stock holder, not the patient. They are bad about paying as low as possible for nurses, keeping staff barely safe when there is plenty of help available, and charge patients in TN the same rate as CA patients.

I would not recommend them to anyone. I have looked at a lot of hospitals, and in my personal experience, the ones held privately are a lot better than corporation hospitals.

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we went from a not-for profit hospital, to tenet owned. What a difference. Tenet owned us for a year, literally stripping every imaginable amenity they could think of (staff, ancillary svcs, whatever), then after we thought they could do no more (THEY can ALWAYS think of MORE!!) they sold us, for a profit, to Iasis. What a crock. Now Iasis is stripping everything that THEY can think of. We are staffed to a bare minimum... who knows what is next.....


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We have ran SO MANY stories written in California about Tenet on our web site -- all of them BAD.

Just go our story archive, use Ctrl-F on the main page and enter "Tenet." You'll all stories written in the Golden State within the past 30-60 days -- amounting to about three or four at last count (beyond that, we don't archive).

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