Asked to shadow a day after interview completed... Just need some clarification...


So, I have been working home health care with very ill (trachs, GT's, vent's, etc) for the past six months. This has been my only position as an RN. I applied for a job on an oncology unit at the local hospital which I would be thrilled to get. I loved the oncology unit during clinicals in college and really love our local hospital... So, I applied, got interviewed, which I thought went great. The nursing supervisor and manager interviewed me and upon completion of the interview they informed that they had interviewed numerous people for this position and they basically at that point had narrowed it down to me and one other candidate. They asked if I would be interested in shadowing the unit one day, as they liked to have input from the other nurses as to who their new co-worker would be. Of course I said yes enthusiastically because I would love to have this position! But I have never know they did this so my question is, are they going to have the other candidate and I shadow the same day/time? Are we to dress professional or in scrubs? And what/who is watching/being watched during the shadowing? Is it a popularity contest now or are they going to be looking at our skills? Because if the other nurse has ever worked on a hospital floor more than likely she is going to have more skills than I am. What can I do to improve my chances of getting the position? Any comments or suggestions/previous experiences would be aprrectiated! Thank you and have a blessed day!


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If you are only shadowing, I don't think that you would be doing any skills anyways. I would personally wear scrubs since your actually on the floor, just be friendly smile "nice to meet you" all that jazz, people want to work with others who are friendly and positive. I don't know if this is much help but anyways good luck to you!!!! :woot:


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Ask a lot of questions, but don't do it in front of the patients. Be polite! It is very unlikely they will have you doing any skills.

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Since you're going to be on the floor, I think you should wear scrubs. Don't let yourself be intimidated because there are more experienced nurses going for the same position. Be likable, friendly, exude confidence, don't talk too much, listen and pay attention to the work culture so you can fit in.

I think it's a great sign that you've made it this far in the selection process!! Good luck to you!


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My manager is big on the shadow day us a part of her interview process. It helps nurses/techs see our unit's pace and culture, and helps her get a different opinion of the candidate as she asks us what we think of them. Wear scrubs, ask questions about the unit, and make an effort to interact with everyone. You can't change the qualifications of your competition so don't stress about it. Just be your best you!


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I agree with Swellz. When I shadowed, it was strictly observation (I'm sure there is a liability reason for that), and the NM told me straight out that the purpose was for me to get a feel for the culture of the unit, and see if I think I would be happy there, and for the nurse I shadowed to offer the NM an opinion on how well I would fit in with their culture. The NM's position was that the nursing skills will come with time and experience, but you can't teach compassion, good interpersonal skills, integrity, etc., so it was important to her that the right candidate have those traits (and a compatible personality) more than anything else. I wore nursing whites (what the nurses there wear), and made sure to look professional (clean, pressed scrubs, shoes polished, subtle makeup, hair pulled back, no gum, etc.). I'm pleased to say that 1) I wanted the job more after I shadowed than I did before, and 2) lucky for me, I was offered the position and will start next month! :). Good luck to you!


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I would ask what to wear for shadowing. I had one experience where the NM said DO NOT wear scrubs because they don't want a patient to confuse you as being an actual nurse on the floor, then I had another once where they said wear scrubs. Depends on the NM or the hospital system. Best of luck to you!!


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Milysa made a good point; I wore white scrubs because the NM asked me to. I would definitely ask someone what to wear (if it weren't specified) rather than guessing.


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When I shadowed, it was a hands-off experience. Although, the nurses generally love it when you offer to fetch and carry for them. Also, be yourself. At this point, you should be more worried about testing the unit to see if it fits you than passing some popularity contest. If it's a crappy unit, you don't want to work there, anyway. I had reservations after my shadow day, sucked them up, and regretted it the whole time I was there.

If you feel you MUST get this job, project confidence, ask relevant questions outside of the patient's hearing, and try to have fun. If you are having a good time, it gives the people around you a good feeling.

Good luck!