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  1. starlane

    renal patients

    I just had some questions about renal patients as i do not have a lot of experience, just wondering: -If a patients BUN and UREA is elevated what do doctors typically order? or do they just get dialysis? what happens if BUN and UREA is elevated in a non renal pt (or maybe they are now suspecting renal failure) but what type of orders would you be expecting? -Is it common for people w high BUN/UREA/renal failure to not have an appetite/decreased intake/output? -Also, Do you flush dialysis ports?
  2. starlane


    thanks everyone
  3. starlane


    Do you think it would be possible to just shadow a case manager to get more knowledge
  4. starlane


    Hi, I wanted to get some advice, I am a new grad, and have done bedside nursing for about 6 months, and i do enjoy it but i don't really picture myself being there forever. I would really rather go down more a business, ccac case manager, government type of job, but as a new grad i feel that it would be hard to get those positions. I am just wondering how i can achieve these goals, if i should go back to school for something? Does anyone have any similar experiences?
  5. starlane

    IV Medication Setup

    What I want to know if for heparin, pantaloc, high conc potassium are these all piggybacks to a ns bag?? or are you running these as primaries? I am just confused about how to set it up
  6. starlane

    IV Medication Setup

    Hi everyone, I just had a few questions about: 1. IV heparin 2.Pantaloc drip and 3. Blood Administration Just wondering if anyone has a good resource on how to set these up, not in terms of calculations, but just tubing/priming etc.,
  7. starlane

    Cardiac Arrest

    I know this is a dumb question, but what is the difference between a myocardial infarction and a cardiac arrest?? I always thought these were the same thing
  8. starlane

    Are all nurses perpetually exhausted?

    I think it depends where you work, someone once told me quote for quote that "nurses get jobs in the maternity unit when their ready to die"-meaning that it is slower paced ( I have never worked there though so I can't really vouch for that). I don't really think that all nurses are perpetually exhausted unless they do it to themselves, a lot of nurses i know are workaholics, most have two jobs-but if you take care of yourself, make time for yourself outside of work you will be fine :)
  9. starlane

    Agency offer New Grad position if I pay $4000

    wow that is so sketchy, any place that asks you for money whether its to obtain the "job" or for "training" thats not right. I would rather work at a local fast food place until i find a proper job.
  10. Hey, you don't need it to get hired but it obviously puts you ahead of others, i would just wait until you are hired but IF your unsuccessful/ having a hard time finding a job then just take the plunge and get those certificates! I recently applied for hemodialysis and i got called back with zero experience working in that field and no nephrology/hemodialysis courses, so that means they would be willing to train me and give me time to complete these courses- usually they say that if you are hired you need to finish certain certificates within one year of hire
  11. starlane

    Licensed RPN in Toronto and can't find a job :(

    Tormok did you end up finding a job?
  12. starlane

    Licensed RPN in Toronto and can't find a job :(

    It is very difficult to find a job as a new graduate but something to keep in mind is that sometimes you apply and they don't call back until 2-3 months later! that has happened to me a few times
  13. Congrats, have you had your interview yet? I also have an interview coming up in the Toronto area (different hospital though). Interviews are so nerve wracking for me, especially because i am a new grad, the way i prepare is just to write down questions and answers so i will first do behaviour type of questions (what would you do if you walked into a room and found a pt on the floor, what would you do if your pt was having chest pain, your patient is diabetic and non communicative what do you do, Describe a time you went above and beyond.etc) Also divide your questions into categories ex. leadership, initiative, communication, respect, teamwork, critical thinking and find at least two examples of how you showed this skill-and if you really want to prepare also find one example of when you could have performed this skill better (if they ask you "describe a time your team work could have been better" - i have been asked this before) and finally then i would prepare for the typical questions like "why do you want to work here" why should we hire you? what do you know about our company? strengths/weaknesses? what is your greatest learning need? PRACTICE- let a friend or family member interview you! Here are some questions that are divided into categories: http://academicdepartments.musc.edu/hr/university/emp_corner/leaders/interviewtools/behavioralbased.pdf
  14. starlane

    Nurses Eating Their Young- A Different Perspective

    I COMPLETELY agree, and GrnTea I hope you are never my preceptor-no offense. I have had a few preceptors who were drill sergeants and would laugh and smirk at you if you didn't know the answer or stuttered while coming up with something. I would freeze every time I was asked something because I had anxiety and fear of judgement. I would go home and cry because of the way these nurses were "teaching" me, and i did not learn as much as i should have because there was no trusting relationship. On the opposite side I had another preceptor who was calm and quizzed me and talked to me about her experiences but in such a nice manner, and if i didn't know the answer she was forgiving and understood. In that type of relationship where there is mutual respect, trust then you FLORISH sooo much more. :-) And sure, maybe you will learn a lot from someone who is extremely knowledgeable and tries to humiliate you if you don't know something--because boy then you will work hard to get it right! wrong-- is that justifiable if the person is going home every day depressed and crying, i don't think so.
  15. If you are only shadowing, I don't think that you would be doing any skills anyways. I would personally wear scrubs since your actually on the floor, just be friendly smile "nice to meet you" all that jazz, people want to work with others who are friendly and positive. I don't know if this is much help but anyways good luck to you!!!!
  16. starlane

    Interview questions I've bombed (advice please?)

    First of all I want to say good luck to you, I know it can be hard to find a job as a new grad and also a very nerve racking time!! 1. "Tell me about a time a patient complimented you." I don't have a good story for this one. I know they're going for the all-important customer satisfaction here, but I just don't have anything beyond a patient telling my preceptor I've done well all shift. -Did a patient ever give you flowers, a card, did a patient ever tell you you were a great nurse, did you ever sit down and talk to a patient-was the patient thankful--try to think of specific experiences "Tell me what you think your greatest learning curve will be." I think this is the hateful 'greatest weakness' question reinvented. I went the route that I'm a new grad, no experience, but my old job gave me time management and (insert other stuff here) skills, but I need a better answer for this. -I had this question also recently and I used the same example, personally i think its a great answer because its a weakness you can't change, everyone was new at one point. Just be honest, say that because you are a new grad you still have a lot to learn BUT you are a fast learner and extremely passionate about nursing and ...etc "What are your long-term goals?" I mentioned becoming an NP, and that's it. After, I thought I should have mentioned getting a med-surge certification and becoming a charge nurse. What else can I say to show I want to grow? Maybe mention something about mentorship, you would like to preceptor students--thats a good one because it shows you work well in a leadership type of position and want to pass on knowledge :-)

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