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Arizona State University (ASU) Summer/Fall 2017 Nursing


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I got in for summer:) this year was crazy competitive

yep got alternate list also, we shall see.

Congrats to everyone that got in! I'm super excited for you all:) and @lakili I think we still have hope! Trying to stay positive lol. Has anyone heard of anyone actually getting off the alternate list?! I can't imagine too many people reject their acceptance so am wondering how common it actually is

The last few semesters before spring this year had quite a few get in.. so I was hopeful for spring, but then i didn't get pulled in soooo I think it really is a guessing game.. Trying to stay positive.

Ahhh I see. I wish I knew how many people were on the alternate list and where I was ranked on it /: do you think they'd be able to give that information if I emailed them?

I have no idea. the worst they could say is that they can't give you that info.... but i think you should. inquiring minds want to know haha!

Hey y'all! I've been scouring the internet trying to find any info on the Summer program. I just got accepted to it (fall was my first choice) and I really don't know much about it. Anyone have any idea what the schedule looks like specifically? I know it's year-round but it would be nice to see an actual calendar :) .

I am trying to find the schedule too. Have you tried emailing the lady that sent us our acceptance letters?

@bjfranco no! I have been looking too because Fall was my first choice as well and I'm in serious panic mode because I am not prepared at all for classes to start in a month! I want to know what the schedule will be like so that I can tell my job and know how much it is going to cost because apparently financial aid doesn't cover summer classes. It's gonna be one crazy month. I wish the information session was sooner than the 21st.

to everyone who was put on the waitlist! Don't fret, I've heard that people still get accepted from the waitlist! I am hoping you all get in!!!

@lakili so I haven't emailed anyone but I'm going to see an advisor so I'll ask questions then! Just curious, what was your advancement score when you applied for spring?

so i wrote an advisor and she told me they don't tell students where they are on the alternate list.. I had a 1.71 for spring, and a 1.79 for summer.. so that sucks haha i really was convinced id get in for summer. I think the scores bumped up because the teas became easier.

I heard the cut off this year was 1.81... lol jumped so much compared to other years! Did they mention how long the list was? I feel like they probably didn't make it too big so maybe there's still a chance :)

Hey guys! Hope you are all doing well! I just wanted to say that if someone is looking for a room my boyfriend and I currently live in Tempe and have an extra bedroom. We could work out a deal if someone is needing a place to stay. It's a 2 bed, 1 bath.

I am in the summer cohort so we could carpool and what not í ½í¸Š

Anyone on the alternate list hear anything back yet? Hoping you all get in!!!

Hey guys! I don't know if y'all are still checking this thread or not, but I was reading up on past threads. Im applying to the ASU nursing program soon too. And I thought I'd point this out.

The counselor told me that students who already go to ASU and listed their major as nursing and are completing everything for the program get 1st priority into the Nursing program, as long as they keep their GPA at a 3.5. They don't even have to take their TEAS test like transfer students do. They get GUARANTEED DIRECT ADMISSION as long as they keep up their GPA. With that being said, transfer students are given 2ND priority into the program, no matter how high your GPA, TEAS test, or advancement score may be. A direct admit ASU student goes in first, and then the competitive/transfer students get spots after, if there even is any space left. I'm sure most people know this already, but I don't think people know the extremities of this.

So all in all, being a transfer student into the ASU nursing program kinda sucks. You could have a 4.0 GPA and a 100% TEAS test score and still not get in if all the program spots have already been filled by direct admit students first (which is what I heard happened one semester):eek: GEEZ well anyway, good luck to all of us! And if you are a transfer student, do not think you are not good enough if you didn't get in!! Keep what I said in mind, we are second priority -___- hope this helps someone out there!

Hey guys, does anyone who went to the orientation have any information they can share for the summer program. (specifically, where to buy the scrubs and other details on books). I was unable to make it do to schedule conflicts. Thanks!

@DMM787878 You can get your scrubs on apparelprousa.com or in their store in Tempe off of University. Basically we need the scrub top, jacket, pants, ASU polo, and leather black shoes. I haven't heard any information yet on what equipment we will need specifically yet, but I've heard from someone that we will at least need a stethoscope... but I'm sure they give us more specific direction on that. As far as books go, a guy came in from Elsevier to present their online book bundle. I believe it comes with nearly every book we need for the first semester if not all of them? I can't remember. But if you have registered for classes you will see the online book bundle as one of the textbook options to buy. It is like 1000 dollars or something ridiculous like that. Also when you register make sure that you are signing up for the same learning group number for each class that has a learning group number. I hope that helps! And please if I have communicated some incorrect info, please feel free to correct me :).

Thanks so much, I appreciate your help! Are you going to buy all the books now or wait to see which books we actually need? Also, do we have to wear that attire to both lecture and lab, or just for labs/clinicals?

Hmm to be honest I'm not exactly sure when we need to wear our nursing attire. For sure we need to wear them at clinicals but I'm not sure about lab or lecture. Does anybody else know? Also, for books, when the guy was presenting it he said that these were all books that we actually need to get. Most of the books for each class fall into that bundle. He also said that some of those books we would keep using as we move on in the program. So, I'm like 90% sure we need all of those books haha. I'll probably buy the bundle before classes start.