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  1. Thanks so much, I appreciate your help! Are you going to buy all the books now or wait to see which books we actually need? Also, do we have to wear that attire to both lecture and lab, or just for labs/clinicals?
  2. Hey guys, does anyone who went to the orientation have any information they can share for the summer program. (specifically, where to buy the scrubs and other details on books). I was unable to make it do to schedule conflicts. Thanks!
  3. I am trying to find the schedule too. Have you tried emailing the lady that sent us our acceptance letters?
  4. I got in for summer:) this year was crazy competitive
  5. I'm from Rochester Hills! That's awesome, Where were u born? My score was a 1.867, I think we will find out this week or next
  6. Have any of you guys been talking to your advisor? I wonder if they know the specific date we will find out.
  7. Yea it's so stressful haha, but I just gotta hope it'll all work out for the best! And I don't think I'll work, just cuz the move and transition will be stressful enough for me. Plus, I wanna enjoy my time at ASU and have time to go out. But working at a doctor's office is good experience, so if you have the job it might be worth it to keep until you begin feeling like you can't handle it anymore! Are you attending ASU currently?
  8. I applied for summer! Hbu
  9. Same here, I've been refreshing my email every ten minutes hahaha. I hope we find out this week, I'm coming from Michigan so I need to. Figure where I'm living if I get in
  10. For the spring application, do you remember what day you guy the confirmation email? like was it two weeks before you got the acceptance/denial email?
  11. I was just able to see my teas score and gpa and the cohort I preferred. I think we will find out this week
  12. Hey, have you heard back from them? I got the confirmation email on the 17th but not the acceptance/denial email yet.