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  1. so i wrote an advisor and she told me they don't tell students where they are on the alternate list.. I had a 1.71 for spring, and a 1.79 for summer.. so that sucks haha i really was convinced id get in for summer. I think the scores bumped up because the teas became easier.
  2. I have no idea. the worst they could say is that they can't give you that info.... but i think you should. inquiring minds want to know haha!
  3. The last few semesters before spring this year had quite a few get in.. so I was hopeful for spring, but then i didn't get pulled in soooo I think it really is a guessing game.. Trying to stay positive.
  4. yep got alternate list also, we shall see.
  5. born in kalamazoo! Thats a great score though... Im pretty sure you will get in no problem. of all the semesters it seems like people above the 1.8 get in easily.
  6. @DMM where in Michigan are you coming from? I was born there :) I'm dying to find out too, I'm just trying to be a nurse already sheesh... lmao. My advancement score is 1.799, fingers crossed!
  7. They said We won't find out until the beginning of April. I applied for spring semester and was put on the alternate list and not put in. That cycle they also told us we would find out in the beginning of November, but because of the amount of applicants we didn't find out until November 17th... so it may be a bit still. It is definitely the worst wait I have been through.
  8. I thought the new teas was significantly easier than the old. Mostly because math isn't my thing and I found it hard to remember formulas and calculate everything without a calculator in the time allotted to us. The change was amazing! I got my highest score in math. so theres that! I am super thankful for it. As for finding out I applied for spring and they took forever to get back to us. They stated we would know at the beginning of November but we didn't hear until the 17th.... They said they would get it out early April and I hope they stick to it. The anticipation is killer!
  9. Hey all! I applied to summer with a 1.799 :) hoping it is good enough!
  10. lakili

    ASU Post-Baccalaureate BSN 2017 - Welcome

    This is what I received today from my advisor. "Our anticipated timeline is still within early November, so hopefully no later than early next week." This wait is insane! lol
  11. Cdthorste I am curious as to what state you started looking in before texas?
  12. lakili

    ASU summer TCNP 2016

    I didn't get into summer because of a dumb mistake on my part, so I am applying for spring 2017. How is nursing school so far? I have heard that the teaching is sub par and not what people expected. what do you think of the program?
  13. Can anyone that is currently a student or alumni of CONHI give me a review? I have heard awful things about the teaching from a friend that graduated with her BSN two years ago. I really want to go to ASU, but I would like to know what you think and if it is worth all the hard work. I would appreciate any info about the school and what your schedule looks like. TIA
  14. lakili

    ASU- Summer/Fall 2016

    Yea, I hope I don't have to apply that much, but I'll do what I have to! Lol ASU is the only place I want to go.
  15. lakili

    ASU- Summer/Fall 2016

    I feel your pain!! I am finished with all other classes so I have just been working and sitting around like a bum waiting to find out. It's terrible lol.
  16. lakili

    ASU- Summer/Fall 2016

    I have applied to summer as a transfer student. If I do get in I would be more than willing to carpool because I am in chandler. Good luck :)