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Arizona State University (ASU) Summer/Fall 2017 Nursing


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Anyone else getting super antsy to find out?! I got my confirmation on the 17th & I believe they were all due last Friday so hopefully we should be finding out soon!

Yes! I'm so excited! These few months have flown by but I still can't wait! Hehe I hope we all get in!!! :)

So far I do feel like everything has flown by but for some reason the past few days I've started to get super antsy! I wonder if we'll be finding out this week?! :nailbiting:

Same here, I've been refreshing my email every ten minutes hahaha. I hope we find out this week, I'm coming from Michigan so I need to. Figure where I'm living if I get in

Same here, I've been refreshing my email every ten minutes hahaha. I hope we find out this week, I'm coming from Michigan so I need to. Figure where I'm living if I get in

Same here, I can't wait to refresh my email to the actual message haha. Did you apply to fall or summer?

I applied for summer! Hbu

Oh my goodness! You must be a million times more nervous than me. I was just getting anxiety trying to figure out how to get to class. It would make me super anxious to have to do all of that last minute, but I am sure it will be worth it! I hope we find out soon so you can get ready and move down here! :)

I applied for the Fall cohort, so I'll have a little bit of time before I start.

Do you guys plan on working during school? I am actually really nervous about that aspect because I work at a doctor's office and I think that it is going to be too difficult to try and juggle both schedules. I would like to have time to study but I think working would make that too difficult but on the other hand, I gotta pay the bills somehow... Most things I see on the internet recommend not working if its possible but I cannot figure out how people do that!

Yea it's so stressful haha, but I just gotta hope it'll all work out for the best! And I don't think I'll work, just cuz the move and transition will be stressful enough for me. Plus, I wanna enjoy my time at ASU and have time to go out. But working at a doctor's office is good experience, so if you have the job it might be worth it to keep until you begin feeling like you can't handle it anymore! Are you attending ASU currently?

I also applied for Summer! And @jcoons1 I have been wondering the same thing!! I work at a restaurant right now and am already exhausted from the hours on top of school so I definitely can't imagine continuing with it during the program. I've been thinking about taking out loans to get me through the program and help with living costs as well, but am not sure that's a smart move.

Have any of you guys been talking to your advisor? I wonder if they know the specific date we will find out.

@schoolgirlk I feel the same way. I've been trying to apply to scholarships too but it's pretty tough. I really don't want to have to work it I can avoid it!

What was everyones advancement scores? I had a 3.83 GPA but did so bad on my TEAS. My score was 1.69, so embarrassing! I am just hoping for a miracle now.

@DMM where in Michigan are you coming from? I was born there :) I'm dying to find out too, I'm just trying to be a nurse already sheesh... lmao. My advancement score is 1.799, fingers crossed!

I'm from Rochester Hills! That's awesome, Where were u born? My score was a 1.867, I think we will find out this week or next

born in kalamazoo! Thats a great score though... Im pretty sure you will get in no problem. of all the semesters it seems like people above the 1.8 get in easily.

I got my acceptance email guys! I had 1.89 advancement score and I did not get into my first pick which was the gal cohort!! I'm in summer cohort!

I got placed on the alternate list with a 1.805 ): fingers are crossed I'll be still be able to get in!

Oh my gosh, it seems like it was a really competitive year!!