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  1. Hey guys, I noticed for one of the classes (NUR352), there are some listed books for the course that are not in the bundle. Does anyone know if these are needed in addition to the bundle, becuase they are definitley not cheap? I.e. Manual of Psychiatric Nursing Care Plans, Maternal Child Nursing Care (w/Bind-in Access Code). What do you guys think?
  2. Hey guys! Hope you are all doing well! I just wanted to say that if someone is looking for a room my boyfriend and I currently live in Tempe and have an extra bedroom. We could work out a deal if someone is needing a place to stay. It's a 2 bed, 1 bath. I am in the summer cohort so we could carpool and what not í ½í¸Š Anyone on the alternate list hear anything back yet? Hoping you all get in!!!
  3. @bjfranco no! I have been looking too because Fall was my first choice as well and I'm in serious panic mode because I am not prepared at all for classes to start in a month! I want to know what the schedule will be like so that I can tell my job and know how much it is going to cost because apparently financial aid doesn't cover summer classes. It's gonna be one crazy month. I wish the information session was sooner than the 21st. to everyone who was put on the waitlist! Don't fret, I've heard that people still get accepted from the waitlist! I am hoping you all get in!!!
  4. Oh my gosh, it seems like it was a really competitive year!!
  5. I got my acceptance email guys! I had 1.89 advancement score and I did not get into my first pick which was the gal cohort!! I'm in summer cohort!
  6. @schoolgirlk I feel the same way. I've been trying to apply to scholarships too but it's pretty tough. I really don't want to have to work it I can avoid it!
  7. Oh my goodness! You must be a million times more nervous than me. I was just getting anxiety trying to figure out how to get to class. It would make me super anxious to have to do all of that last minute, but I am sure it will be worth it! I hope we find out soon so you can get ready and move down here! :) I applied for the Fall cohort, so I'll have a little bit of time before I start. Do you guys plan on working during school? I am actually really nervous about that aspect because I work at a doctor's office and I think that it is going to be too difficult to try and juggle both schedules. I would like to have time to study but I think working would make that too difficult but on the other hand, I gotta pay the bills somehow... Most things I see on the internet recommend not working if its possible but I cannot figure out how people do that!
  8. Yes! I'm so excited! These few months have flown by but I still can't wait! Hehe I hope we all get in!!! :)
  9. I also got the confirmation email, but no word yet! Were you guys able to read the document that they sent? It said we needed to be logged into ASU email, which I was, but still couldn't read it.
  10. Yes! I thought the math was almost too easy with a calculator! I got a 100 in my math section, though so I am super thankful because my English section was super low. I think in the 70s. I wish they would at least send us updates and let us know what is going on!
  11. I was pleasantly surprised. I Used the ATI Teas study manual and I felt like that was a lot more difficult than the exam itself. I took the old version and the new version and they seemed almost the same except for the math portion had a calculator the second time! Other than that, and the missing earth science, it was pretty much the same. lol I got a 95 my second time and just about cried! Thank goodness too because my select GPA was only like a 3.6 and I know a lot of people have pretty high gpa's!
  12. Yay!! Good luck í ½í¸Š
  13. I don't know for sure. I think in March we hear if there is something on our application that we need to fix and in April the give us the final decisions! I can't wait! Hehe
  14. That's awesome! I applied for Fall. Just like all of the other years, I am already so anxious to hear back!!
  15. Hello, anyone else out there? Hehe I submitted my application for Fall 2017 traditional pre-licensure with an advancement score of 1.893. I was wondering if anyone knew how many spots are open and how many applicants there are? Thanks!