What should I get?

  1. hi all!

    to make a long story short, my step-mom (an rn) offered to buy me something nice to help me while in nursing school. (btw i wont be starting ns until january '09)

    well, i have read some threads on here and was thinking maybe pda...

    are any of you guys using pdas in nursing school? (ie: to put davis drug guide, etc on it)??

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  3. by   Nurse Salt
    I think PDAs are a waste buy a drug book for $10. I would ask for a stethoscope or comfy shoes.
  4. by   Cursed Irishman
    I use my pda constantly; why guess at the meaning of a word/condition/procedure, when you can look it up quickly and accurately. Also, carrying it in my scrub pocket is no where near as annoying as carrying a bulky drug book.
  5. by   sweetsmuckers
    A PDA would be very helpful. Download all your drug guides in it and it will be useful during clinicals compare to carrying all the books with you. It might be a little expensive but its worth every penny...
  6. by   Calzonan RN
    I used my PDA all the time in NS, I loved it!! It is expensive, but you can find them for a reasonable price if you research. I downloaded the Nursing Constellation and got free versions for my computer so I was able to look things up on my computer while doing care plans.
    If a PDA is too expensive, invest in a pair of good shoes. Don't get a stethoscope that's too expensive, you may need a specialty one when you graduate (peds, NICU, etc) so just get a basic Littman and you'll be set. The best place I've found them are at Allhearts.com, and they'll engrave your name on it too!
    Good luck with school
  7. by   Wicked Wahine
    I love my PDA and it's much easier to carry around and use than a big drug guide book. So that would be nice, but I think that my fancy steth is more useful to me in ways. I just could not hear well out of my cheapy steth and it was really uncomfortable in my ears. Then my husband bought me a fancy Littman and it's really made an amazing difference. So while a PDA is handy and I use it often, it is possible to just carry around the drug guide book. In my opinion, there really isn't a substitute for a good steth though so I would go for that.

    That's my vote!
  8. by   cardiacRN2006
    I've never used a PDA and don't really see a need for it. I have my reference books in my nursing bag and I never have to worry about them being stolen, misplaced or running out of juice.

    Splurge on a littman steth...
  9. by   prmenrs
    Your Mom is very nice. You might want to wait til you get started, or @ least get the book list. You'd be better able to figure out what you'll need.


    One idea: a really good backpack on wheels.
  10. by   shannahan
    From what I've read on this board in other sections, a PDA seems to be an invaluable tool. It looks like Palm Treo or TX(?) are good ones a as they're compatable with a lot nursing programs. Do a search of this board for people's opinions. If/when I get accepted I'm definitely getting one.
  11. by   R.NICU
    Congrats on starting in January! i start in January as well.
  12. by   amybud
    I didn't have a PDA in school, but one of my classmates did and she loved it. Had her Davis Drug guide on there and was pulling it out all the time. But, I think a quality stethoscope would be a good purchase. I had a cheapo one that I hated and just recently replaced with a Littman, which I love!

    I say get a middle of the line Littman, like a Classic or even the Lightweight one would be good.
  13. by   SNIXRN
    Quote from EDRN2B
    Congrats on starting in January! i start in January as well.
    That's awesome - where are you going to NS?
  14. by   R.NICU
    Quote from AZSamantha
    That's awesome - where are you going to NS?
    I'm going to Pima. I can't wait! It seems like it's been an eternity!
    What about you?