What a beautiful state

  1. just wanted to say have been in AZ for the past 2 weeks and wow truly a beautiful state. Love the mountains around the phoenix valley

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  3. by   cardiacRN2006
    Just wait until October!
    I don't know about Phx, but further south, we've had a very nice monsoon season, so the place might look a little greener than it should for the summer.
    Glad you finally made it!
  4. by   bettyboop
    Just on vacation at the time have been back in the UK for 11 hrs missing PHX and Arizona already hiping to move out the Feb 2007 as i have finaly got my I-140

  5. by   cardiacRN2006
    Well, bummer! I'm glad you liked it. Out of curiosity, what drew you to Phoenix? Were you there for any good monsoons?

    Personally, the thought of a rainy, drizzly England sounds wonderful. I've often wanted a lovely vacation there!

    I just peaked at your Journal. What a nightmare flying at that particular time. Did the airlines accomadate the passangers with extra liquids?
  6. by   bettyboop
    DH and both DD's decided on AZ but i am glad they di.
    We were there during a few storms for us the rain was harder and much more lightning but thought they were fantastic to watch.
    Will hopefully live out there early 2007.
    No liquids what so ever even took my anti sickness tablets of me, but on the internal US flights and US-UK flights much more relaxed but still no liquids.
  7. by   english_nurse
    i should be there for Oct/Nov im really looking forward to it
  8. by   cookielady,rn
    Moved here a few months ago, enjoy exploring. If when you get here you'd like to go hiking or out for a cocktail let me know!
  9. by   Owain Glyndwr
    We visited AZ two years ago for vacation and to visit Banner as part of our immigration process.

    We drove from Vegas to Phoenix via Flagstaff and back to Vegas via the I60. Differing scenery was fantastic.


  10. by   madwife2002
    Quote from cookielady,rn
    Moved here a few months ago, enjoy exploring. If when you get here you'd like to go hiking or out for a cocktail let me know!
    Well I'll pass on the hiking but I'm game for a cocktail lol
    I moved here in december I live North of phoenix,
  11. by   bettyboop
    We thought lake pleasant was unbelievable and the mountains and was expecting flat desert but no it was gorgeous, getting all our forms and checks done now so fingers crossed be there sooner rather than later.

  12. by   madwife2002
    Hurry Up get a move on then
  13. by   WDWpixieRN
    I have family that has lived in the Bullhead City, AZ area along the Colorado River for many, many years.

    I was born and raised in southern California and now live in St. Louis, MO, which is also a very lovely area of the US, but there truly is something magnificent about AZ. I love when I get a chance to go back to visit!
  14. by   bettyboop
    Hey madwife have been rushing around like headless chickens getting all our police checks etc requested feel like we have spent the last 72 hrs filing in forms and camped outside the post office. I would also pass on the hiking but would definitely go for the cocktails and toast the sunset.