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  1. Owain Glyndwr

    Living in Arizona

    Dry Wet
  2. Owain Glyndwr

    Going to be in london and would love a tour

    Picking up an injury or ailment and waiting in the nearest central London A&E would give anyone enough time to see how it works. Or doesn't. More of an informal tour really. Don't watch Casualty as it's 'based' on Bristol Royal Infirmary and isn't at all like a London A&E. Apart from that, it's just like the real thing. Cheers OG
  3. Owain Glyndwr

    Changes to shortage occupation list in the UK

    http://www.guysandstthomas.nhs.uk/services/acutepatient/perioperative/criticalcare/criticalcare.aspx Level 2 = HDU - single organ support - no vent 1:2 (ha!) Level 3 = ICU - usual ICU stuff - vent, multi-organ support 1:1 (ha!) Cheers OG
  4. Owain Glyndwr

    UK old nurses question

    It was glycanic. Glycerine and Icthamol. Lovely smell! Cheers OG
  5. Owain Glyndwr

    Working in The USA

    Apart from the guns that killed the majority of these http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/gallery/2007/aug/02/crime1?picture=330321757 and a quote from a Grauniad article from 2007 (from the above link) that states 'there have been more than 3,500 gun incidents in London over the past 12 months; thousands of guns are said to be on the streets; the capital has more than 200 gangs; the average age of black Londoners murdered by a gun is 19; the average age of black Londoners charged with murder using a gun is also 19' Whilst statistically gun crime has reduced in 2008, it is still there. There are guns. Lots of them. And lots of people feeling comfortable with their use - unless one person did the 3,500 incidents on their own. So, in short, wake up. Tricky blames hip hop. And baseball hats. He doesn't blame drugs, society, schools/education or 'the parents'. For someone now middle aged, he's missed out there. http://news.uk.msn.com/Article.aspx?cp-documentid=8378602 Cheers OG
  6. Owain Glyndwr

    dancing with the stars

    Subscribe at http://www.liveuktv.com - around $49 per month but well worth it. You get BBC, ITV, C4, Sky 1, UK Gold etc. and can watch them streamed live, delayed by 5, 8 or 16 hours. Over here in AZ the 8 hour delay means you sort of get the programmes at their UK running time. For most sports, the mid afternoon kick off means getting up early but you can watch the 6 Nations (and Wales thumping England ) whilst you have breakfast. You can either then watch on your PC or, as we have, use a laptop and buy a SD cable and sound lead from Walmart etc (a few dollars each), plug them into the back of your video and watch some decent tele on the big screen. It beats BBC America and the drivel served up on cable. I don't watch that much but it makes the things that I used to enjoy watching back in Blighty enjoyable. If you do subscribe, tell them I sent you and we get a monthly reduction for an introduction! Cheers OG
  7. Owain Glyndwr

    St Joseph Medical Center Phoenix AZ

    Mesa is not that big :uhoh21:
  8. Owain Glyndwr

    comic moments-what not to do with a fish

    He also added that it had been taken into account that she was a damn good multi-tasker as she was able to bandage someone's head and make a phone call at the same time. Does she have 3 hands? The NHS needs more like her. An artist's impression was also released of the ward clerk http://tinyurl.com/3cqedt Cheers OG
  9. Owain Glyndwr

    dignity and single sex wards

    I agree. Without doubt the need to spread the load was the main reason. We had a male and female Ortho ward; they were mixed during my training so that students would not be disadvantaged by just looking after thirty 90 year old fractured necks of femur when others were 'enjoying' the company of young male trauma victims - may have been a Welsh National Board thing, but I could see the point. Cheers OG
  10. Owain Glyndwr

    Uniform/title question

    I did state that hopefully it is dying out. It should be dead by now. Do we need 'Sisters'? Is there a role for them? What do they do? In the words of Mrs Merton.... Cheers OG
  11. Owain Glyndwr

    Uniform/title question

    Yeah, they exist - the last time I looked just under 9% of those registered with the NMC are men. Men tend to be called Brothers when they are ward managers - OK I'm lying. They are called Ward Manager/Charge Nurse which is also a female title. Sister is the historical traditional (hopefully dying out IMO) title. Men tend to wear pants and a tunic top. Unless it's the weekend where anything goes for a few!! My current hospital in the US has just moved from hodge podge scrubs to standard colors (damn, dropped the 'u' - been here too long already) for all staff. RNs wear navy blue, NAs wear green, (trans)porters wear light brown etc. Much easier to recognize ('z' instead of 's', damn again) everyone. My kids say tomayto, I still say tomaaaato Cheers OG
  12. Owain Glyndwr

    dignity and single sex wards

    I seem to remember that during the 80s there were issues with single sex wards and nurse training i.e. as a student you couldn't be placed on a single sex ward as it wasn't deemed appropriate to have experience of looking after just women or men. Thus wards were merged. I could be making this up though. The US experience of complete single/private rooms on floors/ward is interesting and has it's issues IMO. Cheers OG
  13. Owain Glyndwr

    comic moments-what not to do with a fish

    Good Cod! Sounds like she was having a whale of a time, even doing the conger? I guess her appeal would flounder, bassed on the evidence, especially that of the consultant sturgeon. There may be a ray of light. She may get another herring if she isn't koi, gets her skates on and blames her actions on a migraine or even a bad haddock. I suggest her lawyer gets on his motor pike and goes round to her plaice - eel be needed. Fin There's no fun in the NHS anymore is there? Cheers OG
  14. Owain Glyndwr

    Cleanliness in UK hospitals

    Those were the days. How to clean everything from top to bottom even when it looked like it didn't need cleaning and it hadn't been used/gathered dust since the last weekend's cleaning session. And then, after inspection by the 2nd or 3rd year student, as they told you what to do, clean it again. It worked though. There was no crud on our equipment. I remember a ward sister threatening a nurse with "I'll make you scrub the inside of the Clinimatic/Sluicemaster with a toothbrush". She probably would have too. Ahhhhh....leadership memories of a bygone age. Cheers OG
  15. Owain Glyndwr

    Nurse practitioners overlooked???

    From the UoB website, the PA will earn a starting salary of £22,500 to £32,000 pa at current levels. Not great for the bottom figure but not bad for the top end of the scale. My guess is that it would be toward the lower end for most Trusts to save cash and make the PA a less expensive option than a NP or a doctor. That's what it's all about. The cheapest/cheaper/most cost effective (depending on what wording you want to use) way of filling shortage posts/replacing staff. And of helping the medical profession out. Same in the US as the UK. Cheers OG