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Just found out Tuesday I am starting Nursing School in January at GCC. I have been going there for 3 years getting my pre req's out of the way and finally starting Nursing School. How do we find out... Read More

  1. by   Angie123

    I will be in the full-time program as well. I am so excited. I called the ND today and they said that the changes in classes are not gonna affect us which is great. I thought the book for the whole 2 years is around $800.00, thats what it says online.
  2. by   IrishItalianRN
    so for the whole two years 800.00 is not quite as bad. I heard that the books we buy for block 1 are used in block 2 as well. I think the nursing department knows we sit here and fret over this stuff and thats why they take their time...(packets i mean). :chuckle Well it sures seams like it.

    So what part of town are you all on? I am in Glendale so i am only about 5-6 miles from GCC.
  3. by   Calzonan RN
    I think you're right. I guess since it's not their life they're waiting to rearrange it's not a big deal.

    I've heard that most of the books we'll buy are in blk 1 and we'll use a lot of the same ones for the rest of the blocks, that's why the big $$ in the beginning. I know in blk 2 it looked like there were only a couple of books to buy which will be nice.

    I live in Gilbert, ugghhh. It's going to be a long drive for me, but at least it's only two days a week instead of 3-4 (accept during clinicals)
  4. by   IrishItalianRN
    I used to live in Gilbert, graduated HS there. That is going to be a LONG drive for you. Like you said though at least for you it will only be a couple of days a week. Maybe you could rent a house for two years hahaha just kidden! My mom still lives in Gilbert and it takes me little over an hour to get there... You would think that they would try to place people to schools closer to them you know? What was your first choice school? Mine was Glendale of course because i live so close and then Paradise Valley (second closest) and then gateway and phx college and scottsdale. I used to go to SCC when i lived in Scottsdale, took two semesters of pre reqs there.
    Well sitting here still hoping that packet arrives tomorrow and if it doesnt...this italian temper is going to be calling miss attitude over at the ND. I will offer to come down there and help her...geesh:angryfire
  5. by   IrishItalianRN
    It is killing me to sit here and wait. I keep getting on GCC page and looking at the nursing classes and hoping which ones i get LOL
  6. by   Angie123
    I live in Glendale on Olive and 67th ave, so gcc is like 2 min away from my house which i great. I'm pretty lucky that I got my first choice. Anyways, still no packets today hopefuly tomorrow. Did you gys take patho already? I just registered for HCR240AA. any advice? How is the class?
  7. by   Angie123
    Is anyone that is in the full-time Nursing program planning on working?
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  8. by   Calzonan RN
    Yes, Gilbert is a long drive to Glendale. I chose GCC as my first choice actually. I found out that the p/t program is only two days a week, and those days don't change. I can't afford to be in a flexible program, it's just too hard to arrange daycare and stuff and I didn't want my kids lives to change too much. This way when my daughter starts pre-school next year (Tues and Thurs) I won't have to juggle her around, I'll be able to drop her off and pick her up. Small price to pay for being able to do that. Also, the closest school to me (that starts in the spring) is MCC and that's even a bit of a drive, why not add 30 minutes for the convenience of knowing when I'll need to be in school? I AM excited about starting, can't wait!! I was so lucky to get my first choice! If worse comes to worse I have a friend who lives 10 minutes from GCC and I can always crash at her house, but I probably wouldn't get much sleep there, she tends to talk a lot. I wish I could've gone to Chandler-Gilbert, it's five minutes from my house, but they didnt start in the spring and I'm not going to wait.
    I'm taking patho right now, the full 4 credit version. I LOVE it, but I don't think my classmates do. For some reason no one seems to get it. The class average on the last test was 34/50, and that seems to be the norm so far (this is the 5th test). I've been doing pretty well, the last test I got 48/50, and all the others about the same. I really think if you know how the body works, you have a good understanding of A&P, you should have no problems at all. I'm also taking FON right now and HATE IT. Unfortunately I decided to take it online and I should've known when all the other classes were full and this person had the only openings that I was in for it. It's an INSANE amount of work, probably more than A&P. I've heard others who have taken it online and loved it, so it may just be a teacher issue.
    I sure hope the packets are there tomorrow. Oh, by the way, when I called today I told the lady that I was planning on coming down there this week and she said "oh, there's no way you'll be able to do that, it's going to take you a while before you can register, the information's in the packet". I told her I have all of my stuff done physical, fingerprints etc, and she said "Well, you'll need an appointment anyway"!! Now have any of you heard of having to have an appointment to register? I've never heard of this, maybe it's something just GCC does, but be warned that you'll need an appointment.
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  9. by   Curious1alwys
    I know you guys are totally freaking out about getting that packet (I was too!) but when you do, it explains everything. Leaves you with a few questions, :chuckle , but for the most part, will satisfy you. She is right, for the nursing classes you can't just go register. Someone else does it for you. You mark down what you want in the packet as far as whether you want to go to school all day Fri or all day Sat. I am only talking about the PT program here, don't know about FT. Your book list is in there, I did not get any of the "optional" books. Don't bother with the "studying for nursing school tests" or whatever those dumb books are............too expensive!! You will get it soon enough, believe me!

    The nursing classes are not challenging at all, just a lot of info. My worst grade last semester was a B and that was in Patho, so if you are doing good in that you should do fine in NS. Process was a little hard.........that is the one where there are like 4 right answers, but you can't get around that. You just got to remember what is MOST important. The first test is a doozy but just because you have never taken a test like that before. You will feel like you got robbed! Remember, the teacher is ALWAYS right!:imbar

    Angie..........that is so cool that you live so close! Wow! Good for you. Keli.....there is a girl in my class now that drives from Gilbert. She hates it, but like you, can't arrange childcare on the other days. Clinicals will be rough, especially if you are up the night before till midnight writing the care plan. But doable. It is only two days per week. I push thru and then on Sat night it is like one big party that I am DONE for another week, :chuckle

    Good Luck to you guys. Your packet will answer your questions and get you even MORE excited!! Please fill me in on the details when you get them....I am sooo curious!
  10. by   Calzonan RN
    I remember when you were waiting for your packet, lol, seems like yesterday. You were just as nervous and excited as we are to get it, and then you got it like two days later than you expected!! It's good to know that it will answer all my questions (or most of them at least) and that helps that you get to pick full day friday or full day saturday, that's mainly what I want the packet for, to see what kind of hours I need to juggle. I know the drive will be horrendous when I'm doing clinicals, I was thinking about maybe getting a hotel room or something for those weekends, we'll see. I also have a friend who lives nearby, but I'll need to be able to study and I don't think she'd let me.
    WEll, hopefully we'll get the packets today.
  11. by   Angie123

    How much does it cost in books for block 1? I am also waiting for my packet in the mail. Hopefully, it will come in today. Thanks
  12. by   Angie123
    So, did anyone get their packets in the mail today? I didn't.
  13. by   IrishItalianRN
    are they serious...i got the packet.... did you see all the reading that has to be done BEFORE we go to class ?!?!?!