Are your student loans gone....or will they be around for awhile


I still have a good amount left....but I want to continue my education.

I am ok with deferring them. Just wondering if anyone has really made a dent

in their loans and did they just eat beans and rice to do it?


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I graduated from university here in Canada in May 2011 with roughly a $30,000 student loan. I've been making payments since I started work which was also in May, meaning I took advantage of the "grace period". So far I've gotten it down to just some over $22,000, but thankfully I'm about to get a pretty great tax return now, so I'm planning on putting that on my loan as well and hoping to get it down to just over $17,000! I hate my student loan and absolutely can't wait to be rid of it! No beans and rice here though :p

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I have none for nursing but plenty from my bachelor's degree. We've been paying while I'm in deferral and it's amazing how fast that total has gone down. If I manage to snag a job, they will be gone within the year.

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You mustn't forget that your (government) student loans are likely to be the lowest-interest debt you'll ever have. But by paying as much as you can while your interest is deferred, you'll still be saving a lot of money.

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I graduated with no debt and over 10k in savings. It is really, really nice not to worry about finances right now. :)

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Still have debt. Working on it diligently. But I have zero credit card debt, so I am pretty ok with where I am.


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I mostly feel like I will never pay them off. Every month I am just staying in front of them. Getting a second job so I can start paying them off and have s little savings.


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Yippppeee! I can say that I have no student loans and no credit card debt. All overtime went to those two debts and paid them off in less that 2 years.


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wow less then two years??? that is excellent! kudos! :)