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Are these costs tax deductible?


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I was just looking over my Affinity account, and the amount of money I have spent so far for this program. I am wondering, are these costs tax deductible? I think because they are REQUIRED expenses in order to do our jobs, it should be.

Has anyone been successful in that arena?

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I was able to file these costs on my taxes as a business expense because I was a contact NP while in the program. I have seen others file them under medical.

KyBeagle, ASN

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There were several nurses enrolled in my Healthcare Professional group that claimed their Affinity expenses as medical deductions on their taxes.

I was probably the only one that didn’t. Instead, I enrolled in the medical Flex Spending Account (FSA) offered by my employer. Throughout the year I saved all my invoices/receipts related to SUD treatment (counseling, specimen collection fees) & printed Affinity’s online invoices. Around mid-October each year, I would submit everything to my FSA plan for reimbursement. One week later I would receive a nice fat check to use for Christmas shopping!

Although it was technically my (tax free) money, it didn’t seem like it. Instead, it felt like someone was handing me a generous $2400 Christmas bonus. More importantly as expensive as life was during those 5 years (tests, tests, tests), it ensured that I had money available before Christmas (my main goal).

Anyway, just wanted to throw out another option for anyone interested.

Sorry! I don’t have any information regarding claiming this as a tax deduction (as a business expense). I would only be guessing!

Can anyone give me an idea of monthly cost for BRN intervention program in California? Trying to decide if I this is feasible or if I should just give up this profession. Thanks. 

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For the majority of my contract I claimed the tests as an I reimbursed medical expense. For much of that time I actually had a low enough income (SSDI and crummy near minimum wage jobs) and/or enough medical expenses that I paid cash for that I made it to the 10% of AGI  to allow me to do that. I claimed the group fees and other assorted garbage under ‘professional expenses.’ After the tax scam of 2017, I lost both those options. Fortunately I was working by that point and the extraneous costs were pretty much done. 

What about legal fees to get back before the BON? I’m in the same boat and never even considered it to be tax deductible 😳

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It's hard to give advice in this matter and it's against TOS. Please consult with a tax attorney!