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Are my concerns.....


Are my concerns justified?? I recently was notified by an excellent senior nurse that she will be going back to school for her nurse practitioner. Her desire to continue her education at 60 exemplified her ongoing hurst for more knowledge. I do however have one concern. I inquired with her about any financial aid she will be receiving (we are going to the same school), and she was quite confused and unfamiliar with financial aid process. She told me that the school told her that they would help her take loans to pay for the degree! To me this seems like another example of how our education system screws wide eyed medical enthusiasts and saddles us wth debt that will be we be paying back for years. See a school should have more options or work to decrease costs. I am just a little concerned that my institution would encourage a 60 year old to take out loans, when there should be at least other means for her to obtain this degree. See she is a great nurse, but to encourage financial stupidity is unethical. Why does our educational system suck so bad. I would be that in a coupl of years he educational bubble we are in pops because people will be unable to pay down their debt..... Thanks for letting me express my concerns with the educational system

Red Kryptonite

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Did you tell her to find out about other funding options and help her do that?

meanmaryjean, DNP, RN

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I'm assuming at age 60 she has purchased a home and a few autos over the years. She's likely been caring for herself physically and financially for many years. You act as though she does not know what she's doing - and (being real here) I sense some subtle dig at her age and perhaps faculties. I think you need not concern yourself with another competent adult's finances.

I told every option I knew of, such as Nurse corps, working in a rural area, our hospital will pay 5000 per year for a two year commitment, and that our school does a payment plan as well. I just find it questionable how the advisor whom she met with didn't speak about any of this. It seems schools prefer the federal loans because they get paid immediately. Sad thing is it can cause huge financial burdens for students. The cost of tuition has become so inflated

I am sorry if I construed a ageist opinion, that is honestly not he case. I just find it deplorable that schools can charge so much and be happy because they get paid automatically by the federal government. I had to take out loans this semester :( and it's incredibly disheartening that tuition rises every year and I am even at states school.


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I do agree the advisor at the school should've mentioned other options to her, but I'm sure she knew going into this that she would be taking out loans of some sort from somewhere. Unless, of course, she had $20k+ floating around somewhere. She's also aware of her age and, I'm sure, the reality that she has "limited" years left in the working field. I would just tell her the other options she can look into and call it a day with that.

Yeah, most likely a very bad advisor. The education system just appears to be greedy. Raising costs and then the push for everyone needing a doctorate

I personally have decided to move to a rural area to cover my loans. With undergrad alone it's crazy. For the rest of my life I'll be farmer studentFNP16 nurse practitioner haha. But I doubt the current system is sustainable. Everyone should further their education now before tuition goes even higher, because it will have to

Jules A, MSN

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If someone at the age of 60 is going to have to take out loans to start a graduate program I would not so subtly question their judgement. Is the school rotten and money grubbing? Sure, but if people are willing to give it away it is difficult to blame the school which we all know is in business to make money.

Thanks for the insight Jules!... I just feel bad when the school does a crappy job making sure students know they have other options. But you are right schools are businesses. It just sucks to come to that realization. You know in my area there was a huge school that got closed because of being in debt, however I don't know how you can be in debt and still manage to pay the president a million per year plus bonus.

I guess all I can say is I love learning and I am fortunate to have friends, mentors, and colleagues with the same passion. It just sucks that we are views as consumers more so than students


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Look at it this way. At a public college or university, most programs are around $35,000.

That is the price of a high-quality used car.

She can pay that off, easily, on an NP salary in 2 to 4 years.

If the school was more than $40K for the program, absolutely not.