Are all A&P classes fast paced???

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OK, I started class on the 19th, barely three weeks ago, and we have a test over the FIRST 10 chapters in A&P next week!!! Our instructor goes so fast, that he types up his class notes on his website, lets us print them, and then we just kinda fill in what he is talking about. And still, he talks so fast that our heads are spinning! And a couple of sections, he said that he wasn't going to discuss because we could read it ourselves! Then the first three chapters is chemistry, which I am horrible at, so I am completely freaked out over this test!!!

Were any of your A&P classes like this, and any advise on how to survive!?:eek:


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My A&P classes were SO FAST it made my head spin!

The best advice I got was from my son (an honor student in college at the time)who told me this:

Take about 30 minutes to go over your notes as soon as you get home from class.

I cannot emphasize this enough! I know the last thing you want is to look at that stuff again when you get home! But that method brought my grades from B's and C's up to A's.

Let me know if this works for you. Good luck!


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Also, our A&P professor told us that if it was anything he wrote on the board (in your case, website), you could believe that you would see it again, on a test.

BTW-we had a textbook, but RARELY used it. We had a "lab manual" that was about 2 inches thick of copies of info that our professor had found useful over the years, and our assignments were in it.;)


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My A&P classes were in the summer, so we took 14 weeks and scrunched them into 6 weeks each!! NancyRN has excellent advice! Good luck to you!


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Yes, it goes very fast, there is so much material to be covered. Good Luck ashemson, I know you can do it!

NancyRN, I will try that tip in the future, sounds great !;) Thanks !:)


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I taped my classes and made notes when I got home from them. I highlighted, wrote assignments in the margins, colored in the A&P book.

I made cut-outs, 3X5 cards, charts, diagrams, typed notes, and tracings. I came to the tests an hour early where everyone sat on the floor in the hall drilling each other on the lecture notes. I made Q & A foldup sheets.

I got mostly A's.

(but OMG, was I OBSESSED!!!)


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I agree on going over your notes right after class....helps tremendously.

Also, look into getting one of those digital recorders and tape lecture (ask first). Listen to it on the way home. I had an hour drive, so I listened every day. It's not as interesting as the radio, but it sure helps.

Good luck to you!!!


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I have not been to all the A & P Classes... (just kidding) but mine was a challenge. I think it is true of 100 level and science classes to have oodles of information cramed into a short time frame.

Good luck with your class and let us know how we can help. I used to study late at night and it seemed to settle in my synapses (sp); then I would wake up review and somehow it came to me. We also drew a lot; coloring books, on each other, and made models of clay along with the plastic models we used (also had a cadava (sp).



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I took an entire year of A&P in 8 weeks last year, so, yeah it was rushed.

I totally agree with the "review your notes as soon as you get home" theory. Also, try to stay calm. You are not going to retain if you stress. I retain better...and this is not advised for everyone, but feel free to try...if I eat somewhat crunchy-type things as I'm studying. I dunno, maybe the crunching is just keeping me awake. :chuckle But I have a perfect record to go along with it, so...

Good luck!



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i took biology 103, a&p i, and a&p ii during the semesters which allowed for more time. micro, i took in the summer. it was rushed and we covered the entire book! wheeew!


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nancy, thanks for the tip.

"the best advice i got was from my son (an honor student in college at the time)who told me this:

take about 30 minutes to go over your notes as soon as you get home from class. "


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Ha! I'm actually writing this stuff down. I had heard that the coloring books help with AP classes. It's so nice to be here where we can all trade tips and stuff.

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