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I do wish her the best of luck. Hopefully, it won't be as scary as she thinks it is.

It was not all that bad, they asked questions like were you depressed as a kid, what started all of the depression, how do you handle it, can you function as a nurse, do you take your medicine. Basic questions like that. It was very stressful, the hardest part was waiting to be seen, we got there at 7:25 am and we not seen until 1:05 pm and we were the 5th on the list. It was short sweet and to the point. They voted to let here test and be a nurse!!! She has one stipulation and that is when she goes to the doctor he has to write a letter saying she went and she is doing ok and that is until he releases her. All in all we were in the room for less that 10 min. When they were done they asked us if we were scared of them. DUH!! They said do we come off that bad? Again, DUH. I was scared to death and I was not the one having her future decided by them. Thanks to all of you guys who prayed for her.

Just a quick note, I took my boards on Thursday and found ot Saturday that I passed!!!!!! I got all 265 questions. There were things on that test I had never heard of, I've been a LVN for 8 years and done quit a few areas, so I was fairly confident that I failed that test.

Again thanks to everyone!

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I'm so glad to hear that it went so well for your friend and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

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Thanks for the update and congrats to both of you!


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I'm glad you posted about what happened. That is

GREAT NEWS!!! Congrats for both of you.



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Wanted to add my congrats to both you AND your friend...good luck to you both....and hope you continue to post often here at Allnurses....its a great place with great people. :)


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Congratulations to BOTH of you! :balloons:

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