Anyone been told a lie about making money as a CNA?

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Did your instructor lie to you when you sat in class in your nice new uniform and said excuse me Miss So and So. How much can I expect to make as a CNA?

I was told an easy 27,000 to 31,000. Man was I fed a bowl of crap. :mad:

How about the rest of ya?

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Since the instructor is a representative of the school, of course (s)he is going to give biased information regarding the 'rewards' of being a CNA.

CNA training programs are businesses. In order to maintain the interest of students and potential students, some instructors and school owners are going to skew the information that they give you. This is why you never depend entirely on the school for your research.

The best way to find out what CNAs earn is to ask them, or call healthcare facilities and find out the starting pay rates. If I ask a school employee about CNA wages, I would expect to be lied to.



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Sometimes doing research online is effective in finding current salary in your region. I would think that most students have a general clue before enrolling into the program. Fortunately, my instructor gave an honest answer.


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You made a decision to attend a training program without already knowing how much you can expect to make?

Seems a little basic checking could have given you all the wage info you needed prior to your decision to become a CNA.



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Yeah, you were.

BUT -- you have to take your education into your hands. Simple as that. Seems like you jumped into a new career without doing any real research....


That's the problem. But, it's a lesson learned.

Our instructor told us...$9-12 hour (for hospital and nursing home), btw.

This is what I earn.

I don't know of any CNA who does it for the money. I don't. It's not my 'end-game'.

I do it for experience, to get myself acclimated to the wonderful world of nursing AND as a foot in the door to the hospitals.

It's hard work almost 8 months later I STILL come home with sore fingers and legs everyday.

If money is what you want (and there's no problem with wanting to work and live well) you're in the wrong job...I'm sad to say. You will have job stability and a quick route to employment.

...but, that's it.

Are you in nursing school?



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Actually, that is a pretty typical salary where I am from. I made about that much last year.



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I think most of the instructors will tell you what it is possible for you to make in general and not at your specific area. I think to get a more accurate answer the question should be what is the pay range that CNA's in our area get paid. They may give you a more accurate response since the question in more detailed.

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My instructor was straight up about how little pay CNA's get.



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I do it for love, and i'm dead serious about that... My great grandmother and great uncle lived in a nursing home for quite some time, one i am interested to work in once i am done with school. I want to take care of the sick, elderly and the incapacitated give them some affection and kind words because really, they have none. Money is just a bonus :)



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Nope. It's an 8 week class... I knew I wasn't going to make much.

Plus, I wasn't going into it for the money. I make $14.75 in assisted living, which isn't bad pay until I finish nursing school.



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My instructor said that we will never make more than $15/hr as CNA's. Actually, I am surprised by how much certain CNA's make at my nursing home. I never expected more than $12/hr but I am hearing things like more than $20/hr. Yes, these CNA's have been with this facility for 5-20 years and they belong to a union so they get a raise few times a year. Just yesterday I heard my partner talking about how she has been working overtime every day for the past week and she makes $26/hr overtime. It's crazy to me when I read that certain CNA's make less than $10/hr but it all depends on experience, seniority, facility/hospital, unions, location, etc.