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Hello, my name is Angie, and I'm currently enrolled in a community college LVN program starting in just a few weeks. New path and direction in life!

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  1. pickled_tink

    Failed peds class by 0.13 points

    I would have to start over. Even though I have successfully passed all classes with A's and B's, it's an ALL or NONE scenerio. An entire year of my life has come down to a fraction of a point. I am beside myself and I'm trying to figure out my options now. I do know if I should decided to take a different approach, it won't be at the current college I attend. I have discovered there are programs out there that only require you meet a minimum 2.0 GPA to continue.
  2. pickled_tink

    Failed peds class by 0.13 points

    Ok, so I've worked so darned hard to get through this second semester of LVN program. Got down to the wire of passing my pediatrics class, and missed my window with a test average of 74.87. I completed all of my homework with 100%, which doesn't matter if I didn't get the 75 in test average to move forward. This has completely devastated me. I know I'm the only to blame for not 'getting the grade', but I was hoping the instructor would have some compassion to bump me into the next and final semester. Not a chance. I pleaded with the Dean, and was told, if we gave you that tenth of a point, then they would have to give everyone that tenth of a point. I'm proud to say, however, I did receive 2-A's and 2-B's. But the big whopping "F" on my transcript totally blows.
  3. pickled_tink

    Wondering if nursing is right for me

    Your answer is right there. Shadowing your RN sister and seeking advice from her is the best possible solution for you!
  4. pickled_tink

    Cheating classmates

    Usually those that cheat eventually catches up to them. If they can't successfully pass the class on their own, come time to take HESI will bite them in the arse. LOL I'm half-way through my LVN program. There are a couple of students that are obviously cheating. There WAS one girl that just didn't comprehend calculations. She didn't memorize her conversions. Well guess what? She dropped out last week! I was surprised she made it this far, however she couldn't DO THE MATH!
  5. pickled_tink

    Med Pass Evaluation, failed first pass, gets second chance

    Thanks for the replies.... The plan- use lab time to work over scenerios, over and over and over. I'm gonna time myself. I will work with the others to accomplish this. I believe in TEAMWORK! I do feel if we take our time, we can work through this and be successful. Anxiety is kicking in, and I'm upset and angry. These past two nights I fall asleep at night and also wake up thinking about of scenrios. (sighs bigtime) I can't even focus on my homework, however I will get it done by God!
  6. pickled_tink

    Is this even realistic?

    I applied for student loans and goverment grants. Luckily I benefit from both. Chances are you qualify for them. Ask your financial advisor.
  7. More than half the students in my class, have failed the first med-pass evaluation. There are 36 students in my class. There is something completely wrong with this picture. I am disappointed in myself, however, even more disappointed in the structure of the program. Two weeks ago, we began our second round of clinicals. In these two weeks (two clinical days/wk, four days total) we are instructed injections, reconstitution, insulin, drug calculations, administration of medication of the eyes, nose, and throat, and so on. Almost like a fast-foward crash course in medication administration. So now, we learn the MAR and prepare ourselves to pass drugs in simulation. Our class only got two days of this! There was no individual walk through to guide one learning the system of pulling meds, checking the MAR against the physicians orders, administering meds, and documentation. NOT only are we stressed because we have to accomplish these tasks for med pass to continue the course, but are asked to do over 80 drug cards, on top of chapters and chapters of homework, not to mention the weekly exams we are to prepare for!!! Sighhssssss We do get a second chance, Thank Gawd!! We have two weeks to get it right. If we don't we lose our seat in the program and its the end of the road. I am passing all of my classes, making good grades for it all to come down to this!.. YIKES!!!
  8. thank you very much! i started classes this week, things are going pretty smooth. i'm very grateful to have secured my seat in the lvn program. during introductions, i made sure everyone knew... lol good luck with your endeavors in nursing! godspeed!!!
  9. pickled_tink

    Am I too old to just be starting?

    42 TX, Maybe an 'old soul' but 'young at heart' I will begin LVN program next week!
  10. pickled_tink

    Am I being realistic? Nursing school at 45?

    I am about to be 43! It's neverrrr too late to start a new path in life. I sold my art/framing business last spring (due to economic struggle). With no financial resources, raising two teenagers, struggling to pay my bills, I took a part-time job, moved foward taking prereqs for LVN program at local community college. So here I am! I've been accepted into the program and begin my summer semester in a week! woohoo! Fortunately I qualify for fiancial aid, so my education is paid for. However, the extra expense of uniforms, immuzinations, titers, etc. is quite stressful. Now that I've managed to cover that, I am moving foward!
  11. pickled_tink

    Just tired right now

    Distractions do make it difficult to focus. Especially when it concerns family or financial matters. I have convinced myself that "I can DO IT". With determination and persistance I will conquer every roadblock or speedbump that inhibits me from persuing my dream! We are destined to not only be 'good' but 'be good at it'!!!
  12. pickled_tink

    Your pre req gpa....

    3.0 prereqs with HESI score of 84%. I'm a "B" student and still managed to secure my seat! I live in a rural area of East Texas and attending community college with an accredited nursing program.
  13. pickled_tink

    future lvn student, i got questions

    I get the impression that you are not a CNA? or registered at your local community college. Most colleges require that you complete the CNA course and be licensed before applying to the LVN program, also anatomy and physiology are prerequisites as well. So yes, I believe it would be beneficial to certify as a CNA. Working and going to school is never easy. I am about to begin my LVN summer semester and am trying to figure out how I can supplement my income with financial aid. So to research the internet. You'd be surprised how much information you can find just surfing websites. I would suggest consulting with your community college advisors. Get their catalog and Continuing Education literature. It was mentioned that the workforce commission/unemployment office can also help you. Look at your options and good luck!
  14. pickled_tink

    future lvn student, i got questions

    I would suggest you consult with a counselor at your community college for the program you elect.
  15. pickled_tink

    Dismissed from the Nursing Program...what to do now?

    I have only just begun my process. I'm nowhere near your accomplishments, but I do congratulate you on your efforts. With persistance, positive encouragment from this social network, and a lot of prayer will hopefully guide you in your endeavours. I wish you the very best. (hugs)
  16. pickled_tink

    Thanks to all with encouraging words

    Last weekend I posted my "MELTDOWN", due to financial aid suspension. I received some nice comments with positive words of encouragement that DID help my temporary setback and sense of helplessness. For all those that read or commented I greatly appreciate your kind words. FYI, my appeal to reinstate my financial aid was approved this week, and my nursing endevours are a GO! I will officially begin the LVN program on June 6th! I feel very blessed. With that said, prayer does work! :)