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More than half the students in my class, have failed the first med-pass evaluation. There are 36 students in my class. There is something completely wrong with this picture. I am disappointed in myself, however, even more disappointed in the structure of the program. Two weeks ago, we began our second round of clinicals. In these two weeks (two clinical days/wk, four days total) we are instructed injections, reconstitution, insulin, drug calculations, administration of medication of the eyes, nose, and throat, and so on. Almost like a fast-foward crash course in medication administration. So now, we learn the MAR and prepare ourselves to pass drugs in simulation. Our class only got two days of this! There was no individual walk through to guide one learning the system of pulling meds, checking the MAR against the physicians orders, administering meds, and documentation. NOT only are we stressed because we have to accomplish these tasks for med pass to continue the course, but are asked to do over 80 drug cards, on top of chapters and chapters of homework, not to mention the weekly exams we are to prepare for!!! Sighhssssss We do get a second chance, Thank Gawd!! We have two weeks to get it right. If we don't we lose our seat in the program and its the end of the road. I am passing all of my classes, making good grades for it all to come down to this!.. YIKES!!!


I just wanted to say that I feel your pain. I really really do. I just finished my final semester of nursing school and I have to say I never thought I would get through it. One of the things I have learned along the way is that in nursing school the instructors (and whoever else) like to throw a million things at you to see what you can handle. You will constantly feel as if you have too much to do and not nearly enough time to do it. AND it is true!!! All I can say is try to write EVERYTHING you have to do down on a planner, allot the amount of time you think each task will take, and stick to it like it is a job that you are clocking in/out of. Also, please remember above all else that it is your instructor's job to teach you. So if you are having issues, speak up and ask for help. You can do this! Good luck, and just keep pushing through it :)

I thought I was going to bomb because I couldn't make the bed right :D We didn't use fitted sheets, and those instructors would come in, pull on the center of the top blanket, and if it all fell apart, we failed :eek: I started crying. My instructor told me to go back to the lab and practice.

Is there any way at least some of you can get together and quiz each other on the meds? :) Use each other for that sort of thing (probably don't want to stab each other, but artificial tears or other non-medicated stuff could help with topicals, eye gtts, etc. :up:

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Thanks for the replies.... The plan- use lab time to work over scenerios, over and over and over. I'm gonna time myself. I will work with the others to accomplish this. I believe in TEAMWORK! I do feel if we take our time, we can work through this and be successful. Anxiety is kicking in, and I'm upset and angry. These past two nights I fall asleep at night and also wake up thinking about of scenrios. (sighs bigtime) I can't even focus on my homework, however I will get it done by God!

That sounds a lot like my school, I think its the typical setup. (Although we only have to do drug cards for relevant drugs, drugs our pt is using in clinical, etc). The thing that helped me the most was the Taylor's Video Guide to Clinical Nursing Skills Student set on DVD. Do you have those?

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