Anyone in a school where there are literally 3 students per instructor?

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I just got signed up for this University BSN program. I am pretty sure I will be accepted by default since the rest of the students are no better qualified than me. I was talking to my future instructor and it looks like there are only going to be 3 of us learning together. We are all in a pathophysiolgy class together so I already know everyone. It just seems odd since most programs are facing waiting lists and competition to get in. I'm guessing they could handle a few more?

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Is this a for-profit institution?

It just seems odd that you "signed up" for this University BSN program.

That is odd. I'm wondering what's wrong with the school.

I don't know what you call it. My application was due on March 1 for the Fall Semester. I've been attending a couple of classes since January since that was all I was lacking. Its part of the regional university system in Oklahoma.

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Is this a pre-req class? If so, it may not be reflective of the actual nursing program. Most public (tax supported) schools will cancel a class if it is not fully subscribed because it is just not economically feasible to pay for instructor/lab for so few students.

You should check the school's accreditation status with the Board of Nursing and other nursing governmental bodies. There are many schools which have a nursing program but are not recognized in the state. You will have big trouble if you get a degree and realize after than no hospitals recognize your degree because of the school's status.

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l would be VERY weary of attending a school with only 3 students in my class. Nursing or otherwise. With how popular this career path is right now, the only reasons I can think of for such a small class size are not good. Even in rural areas the nursing programs get a decent class size because people will travel to not have to wait or have a lot of competition. Is the program regionally or nationally accredited? What are their NCLEX pass rates? Graduation rate for the program? The answers to those questions will likely give you an answer to the small class size. Either that, or its just a pre req class that is small but the program size will be larger.

Is this bad accreditation?


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ACEN is "good" accreditation. It's what used to be NLNAC (they just recently changed their name).

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