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  1. CecileSF

    Eliminating the Stigma Associated with Mental Health Nursing

    When I did my psych rotation, it really opened my eyes to what mental health was all about. I had several shifts on a pediatric psych unit and it was heart breaking. The majority of these children had issues because of unlucky circumstances in their lives, not physiological disorders. It takes very special people to manage the mentally ill. The skill set is completely different from traditional nursing, you really need to have a passion for this population and the ability to manage the patient's family/resources.
  2. CecileSF

    Patients who want to change doctors after problems

    LPNWeezy Thanks so much for your story. I really hope that you will have good doctors in the future and your knowledge working in the hospital will really help. It really does make me feel less alone about these situations when I hear things like this. Some doctors really lack people skills. It's also so common to prescribe oral contraceptives for very young women who have irregular periods, even my doctor told me to take them but I refused.
  3. CecileSF

    Patients who want to change doctors after problems

    Thanks for the tips. I didn't realize some patients had no idea they had the ability to change doctors, I thought it was common knowledge. Next time I'll let the patients decide but also give them encouragement. I know how angry and in despair patients must be when they are misdiagnosed or aren't treated fairly. Patients trust doctors a lot and when they find out the doctor hasn't been doing all they can, it is heart breaking.
  4. Hi Nurses. I have encountered patients and people in my personal life who have had doctors who have misdiagnosed, made grave or preventable mistakes on patients. Patients ask if they should change doctors because of the ordeal and I don't know what to tell them. The doctor definitely didn't do all they could for the patient. Other more vocal visitors in the room sometimes say to the patient "You should sue the doctor/complain to the hospital." I know it is near impossible to NOT make mistakes in the medical field. But I don't want to say to someone, get rid of that doctor. Patients trust the opinion of nurses, but I don't think it is my place to say. Is it ethical or even legal to denounce a physician to a patient? What do you say in these situations? In my own life, I have had a doctor speak to me defensively and in an almost frantic manner, and saying things to keep the blame off him. I'm pretty sure he was like that to keep away a malpractice case. When you are sick, the last thing you want to hear is you are ill because it just happens to you, especially when a preventable mistake that had many chances to fix has just occured.
  5. CecileSF

    First day of clinicals .. does this get easier?

    I remember after my first semester of nursing school the clinical instructor said "You're so quiet and shy. You have to speak up more and be more active." She said I was doing superb as a nursing student in clinicals but needed to be less shy because most teachers like the out going ones. Don't worry, it will get easier after this. You will be more familiar with the hospital setting. You will get nurses to are the nicest people and others who will shout at you untill you want to cry. Don't worry, you will get through it. I volunteered at a hospital for 3 years, but the responsibilities such as passing meds and cleaning wounds still were hard for me in the beginning. ONE TIP!! Don't stand back and watch. When you see a nurse doing something, ask "Can I do that?" or "Can I help with that", Usually they will let you do the procedure by yourself with supervision and guidance. Its great. Also, if you are second guessing nursing as a career, think about why you wanted to be a nurse in the first place. It took me a year of volunteering in a impacted ER before solidifying my decision to go to nursing school.
  6. CecileSF

    High school student thinking of being a nurse

    That's wonderful you are considering doing nursing and also gaining experience at so early. You should really do the NP route, It is 1-2 years of graduate school after you get your bachelors. I am doing the advanced practice nurse route also. I really commend you for thinking about geriatrics. It is an area of nursing which is lacking and many people are not in that field. In any career, you will have to deal with drama and office politics, nursing is not an exception. As a NP you will have much more control over what you do. When you know you are going to be a good healthcare worker, you want that control because you want to help others to the best of your ability. When you see something wrong, you want to have a say in it. Registered nursing at many times don't have as much power.
  7. CecileSF

    First med error

    That's good you reported the error. I remember my instructor telling the class "If a nurse says she hasn't made a med error in at least 5 years, she's probably lying". It's a really common problem and I'm glad you went through the right procedures instead of ignoring it.
  8. Hi all, I'm a nursing student and wanted to know if any of you have had experience with taking a semester off on medical absence. Has any of your schools let you take half your classes for one semester? or do you have to put the whole semester on hold? For me, I don't think I can physically handle the clinical portion of it because of a baaad infection. But I can still get decent grades in class. I've already missed two weeks of school and got excused for it, but may need another week. Specifically, if any of you are in the CSU system such as sfsu or east bay, let me know your experiences. But any input would be great.
  9. Thanks for the advice. now I at least have somewhere to start with.
  10. Hello. I am a nursing student in California and wanted a part time job as a CNA. I heard I could take the CNA test after a certain amount of time as a nursing student because I have sufficient training. Has any of you done this? Please give me some more information about it if you know the process. I have tried looking at CNA exams online but am not sure if they are legitimate or the right one. Any help would be great.
  11. CecileSF

    SFSU Generic MSN for Fall 2010

    Hey VanHalenFan, do you happen to know your number on the waitlist?
  12. CecileSF

    SFSU Generic MSN for Fall 2010

    @ LN17 I my email says I start in Fall 2010. congrats to everyone who got in (^_^)y. And good luck to those who are still waiting.
  13. CecileSF

    SFSU Generic MSN for Fall 2010

    I got into the GMSN program for Maternal/child care CNS. Im reaaaaally happy and excited. I hope this isn't a mistake email sent to random people. Does anyone else's letter start like "The School of Nursing Admission Committee is pleased to inform you that we are recommending that the Graduate Division offer you formal admission to the Generic MSN program in the School of Nursing..." :eek:
  14. CecileSF

    SFSU Generic MSN for Fall 2010

    I believe FNP is different because it is not part of the entry nursing masters
  15. CecileSF

    What did you do when you got rejected?

    my mouth is stuck in a frown right now. I got rejected from one school. that means it doesn't look good for the other schools i applied for. It is pretty devastating. Ill try again next year though.